ASI’s Moller International Skycar 400 RC Model Kit Set For March 15 Release


The American aerospace company announced on Thursday Dec. 20 2013 that its new “Skycar®” RC Flying Model will be available for sale from the ASI Shop Online website beginning March 15th. The complete RTF (Ready to Fly) kit will be on sale for $5,500.00.



The ASI Engineering team built this RC Aircraft with Aerospace quality components and procedures; with regards to selection of the materials ASI acquired technology assistance from the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California.


The ASI model Skycar® is the first of 5 RC Flying Models to be released in 2014.


A very special Limited Edition Pre-Sale program is in progress now. The first 100 RC Aircraft Kits sold, will include a hand numbered certificate, signed by the designer.


To participate in this special Pre-Sale program now, call ASI’s factory outlet at (650) 793-9295.

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