Corbyn Blasts Shadow Cabinet “Diehards”


“By a free vote, I mean that anyone who does not agree with me is free to leave MY Party”, Chairman Jezza, President for Life

Corbyn Blasts Shadow Cabinet “Diehards”
by WikiGuido

Jeremy Corbyn blasted what he claims is a “small number” of “diehards” in his party who would back bombing ISIS in Syria “whether there was a whip or not”:

“I think that there will be a large majority of Labour MPs voting against the war. There a small number who are very diehard in supporting the war. They would have probably supported the war whether there was a whip or not.”

A “small number” of “diehards” including Hilary Benn, Tom Watson, Andy Burnham, Michael Dugher, Vernon Coaker, Chris Bryant, Angela Eagle. In other words two thirds of his Shadow Cabinet and dozens of backbenchers. We will see how “small” that number is tomorrow night…

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