AHIA The week that was ending 21 Feb ’16.


AHIA’s week that was – ending Sun 21 Feb ’16.

Apologies for missing the report due for week ending 14 Feb ’16. I was away
on a break and waiting confirmation of who would be the new Minister
responsible for aviation. The Australian government has been reshuffling
Ministers as a result of a series of resignations.



New Official Organ. Just a reminder, AHIA Associate Company Member, Cranford
Publications Pty Ltd has offered to reactivate their Helicopters Australasia
to help with the now extensive AHIA communication needs. The first edition
will be the February Report, which looks back in detail at February’s
helicopter developments and issues. (Out in early March). This also enables
Rotortech 2016 developments to be reported in greater detail. Industry
members are encouraged to tell us any news items they think are of interest
to the helicopter industry. Just email the undersigned, it is a free


New Aviation Minister. The Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss has resigned;
his portfolio had included aviation. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has
moved aviation into a new government department, “Industry and Transport.”
The new Minister responsible for aviation is Darren Chester. 2016 has been
touted as the “Year of Change.” Currently we have underway an enormous
regulatory review process which is consuming an enormous amount of the AHIA
resources. It would appear a new federal election may be sooner than later.
Closer to home CASA, is undergoing two major projects which are scheduled to
be completed by the end of June 2016. These projects are the rewriting of
the Part 61 Flight Crew Training Licensing system and an internal
restructuring of the regulator. This will see a lot of new faces appearing
on various committees.


AHIA people are out and about! A full report will be included within the new
Helicopters Australasia e-newsletter.


President Peter Crook. Peter has been to several meetings in Canberra. Peter
had some good news from an attendee at the recent AICC meeting. Peter
Pallot, General Manager, Sunshine Coast Airport, indicated discounted
landing and parking fees at Maroochy Airport will be offered during
Rotortech 2016. Peter said no landing or parking fees for AHIA members for
fixed or rotary wing aircraft, for the duration of Rotortech. He also
offered a shuttle bus service from the airport to Twin Waters at no cost to
the members. The applications would be via the AHIA event organisers. A much
appreciated sponsorship of our event.


Peter Crook also attended a meeting with the TAAAF (associations) in
Canberra on Fri 19 Feb ’16. TAAAF assist the federal government when future
policies are being drafted; and later provides feedback on the effectiveness
of the implementation of the stated federal government’s policies. Peter’s
observations will be reported to you shortly.


Vice President Ray Cronin. If there was ever a knight in shining armour,
then his descendants would include Ray Cronin. As the member of the Part 61
damage control team, he has been involved with an enormous amount of
discussion with senior CASA executives. The latter, very kindly recently
travelled to Ray’s home base in Mangalore to minimise the enormous amount of
time Ray has given up for working with CASA. A report will be issued when
appropriate; however, it must be stated the relationship between the
regulator and the Part 61 team is one of respect and determination to make
the system work correctly. History will be kind to these folks and they
really deserve our support in the future when draft legislation is fed back
to industry for approval.


Well done Ray and the regulatory team involved in this difficult task.


Membership Secretary Cheryl Tillman. Cheryl has been taking over the
management of our membership data base. Some of you will have recently noted
her cheerful correspondence associated with renewals and associated
receipts. Cheryl is taking over from Rob Rich who is now totally occupied
with the Rotortech event. Once this transition process is completed Cheryl
will then work closely with Bridgette Hasting who is the incoming Treasurer
and Company Secretary. Bridgette is also receiving a large box of files from
the AHIA’s office. It is hoped both ladies will be fully setup in a few
weeks. Rob has just completed an audit of the membership database for
Cheryl. Over the past 12 months’ company members increased by 38% which is
very encouraging. Associate company members slipped back by around 17%.
However, this is due to associate members now appearing more as exhibitors
at the Rotortech events. Due to the Part 61 setbacks, individual memberships
increased by only 6% and concession individual members by 11%.


Next e-newsletter will have updates from Mark Scrymgeour and Colin Clarke –
fellow AHIA Executives.


Next event

Rotortech 2016. Fri 27 to Sun 29 May 2016. Our booths were booked out four
months prior to the event. If by chance you are considering exhibiting at
the largest helicopter trade show in the Southern Hemisphere, please send us
an email expressing your interest and we will include you on our waiting
list. Expressions of interest are requested from speakers. Call Rob – 0415
641 774.


Major Sponsors: Diamond Sponsor – Hawker Pacific; Gold Sponsors – Availl
Australia (Boeing) and Eagle Copters Australasia; Silver Sponsor: Onboard
Systems International and Aviation Trader.


Exhibitors: Aeromasters Powervamp; Aero Parts Australia; Agustawestland
Australia Pty Ltd (TBC); Airborne Engines; Airbus Group Australia Pacific;
Airservices Australia; Airways Aviation; Airwork (NZ) Ltd; Air Affairs
Australia; Asia Pacific Aerospace; Avinet Pty Ltd; DAC International Inc;
Dart Aerospace (TBC); Defcon Technologies Group; Eco2000 Pty Ltd; Eagle
Copters Australasia; Electronic & Mechanical Calibrations; ETMC
Technologies; Flightcell International; GVH Aerospace (TBC); Hawker Pacific;
Heliflite; IMS New Zealand; Intermountain Turbine Services; Interlease Pty
Ltd; Leader Aviation Services; M.O.S.S Australia; Oceania Aviation; Olympus
Australia; Onboard Systems International; Pacific Crown Helicopters; Point
Trading Group; Pratt & Whitney Canada; Precision Heliparts Australia; Red
Baron ALSE; Sikorsky Helitech; Spidertracks NZ; TAE; TracPlus Global Ltd and
Wintech International.


Helibiz Safaris is planning a huge fly-in and we are developing special
events for private pilots and owners of light helicopters. (Call Troy 0408
770 488).


Please join us: Included is an application form – send to a friend. We need
your help with funding so we can work more closely with the regulator to
streamline troublesome rules before they become mandatory and costly
requirements. If we don’t, then unintentional cost overruns may price us out
of business and also make us non-competitive for the training of overseas
students from Asia, etc.


Kindest regards,


Rob Rich

AHIA Events Organiser

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