JAXA and PeptiDream Inc. have reached a Fee Based Agreement on a Comprehensive Cooperation for the High-Quality Protein Crystal Growth Experiment on “Kibo”

JAXA-20160224 protein 01

International Space Station

JAXA-20160224 protein 02

A non-standard cyclic peptide
bound to a target protein

PeptiDream Inc. (PeptiDream), a public biopharmaceutical company, and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), a national research and development agency, signed an outsourcing agreement (hereafter “this Agreement”) on the comprehensive implementation of the High-Quality Protein Crystal Growth (PCG) experiment on the Japanese Experimental Module (“Kibo”) of the International Space Station.



1. Outline of This Agreement

JAXA offers comprehensive implementation of the PCG experiment, covering from technical consultation on protein production to crystallization experiments in space for the drug target proteins provided by PeptiDream. Unlike conventional agreements made on individual experiments, this Agreement allows for swift and flexible collaboration, so as to keep up with the research progress made by PeptiDream.

PeptiDream is a world-leading company in the field of drug discovery, featuring its unprecedented drug discovery platform and the use of cyclic non-standard peptides. JAXA owns the PCG platform on “Kibo” where the extreme condition of microgravity can be utilized.
This comprehensive research collaboration could accelerate structural studies on medically important proteins along with the candidate drugs. PeptiDream and JAXA both intend to help achieve better human healthcare by creating innovative drugs for the world from Japan.

2. Scheduled Contract Period

From February, 2016 through August 2017


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