Join BLOODHOUND SSC with your selfie!


February 2016 – Join us with your Selfie!


You may have seen our recent announcement that the Newquay runs would be delayed until late 2016 with our record runs planned for 2017 and 2018. We are working on a considerable number of major sponsorship deals but these are taking time to come to fruition so we have had to slow our rate of development. This is frustrating for all of us but especially so for those who have followed, and helped The BLOODHOUND Project since 2008. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge this and thank you for that support which is so important.

The headlines don’t tell the full story, however. For one thing, the hardest parts are behind us: the BLOODHOUND SSC car is 95% complete and we have prepared the best land speed racing track in history. We are experiencing an upsurge in sponsorship interest, while in South Africa the Government’s Depart of Science and Technology is now going to be the national lead for BLOODHOUND activity in 2017.

Most significantly, our education team is going full-speed. We delivered events or lessons to around 100,000 children last year and our Model Rocket Car competition, run in partnership with Guinness World Records, is taking off: schools around the world are taking part and it has been selected as the flagship activity for new BBC micro:bit initiative aimed at Year 7 students. In short, we are achieving our Primary Goal of turning kids onto science and engineering big time. There’s much more to do, of course, and the impact we are making will be all the greater once BLOODHOUND SSC starts running.

Join the adventure with your “selfie”

As the new deals come in we have to accelerate the build programme again and we have an opportunity which we are offering to our supporters. We want to put your photograph, or “Selfie”, onto BLOODHOUND SSC’s bodywork – permanently. When we break a record, you’ll be with us on the far side of the speed of sound.

Each picture will be from 1cm x 1cm up to 4cm x 4cm plus there will be a new pages added to the BLOODHOUND website carrying your Selfie plus your message which you can show to friends and family. You will also receive a numbered Selfie PDF certificate carrying your image. The cost is an affordable £50 per square centimetre and we can group family or friends and we can also give you your special Selfie number.

Our immediate objective with the sponsorships and other activities is to ramp up the engineering programme, advance the rocket test programme in the summer and have the car ready for running at Newquay this year. We have just launched the Selfie programme and we very much hope you will want to take part. Please go to to join in now.

We have also made it easier for you to make smaller donations to help us reach 1,000mph, or even set up an automatic monthly donations. Please see for more information.

Winston Churchill once said: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm“.

Well you know that our enthusiasm is unwavering! Our failures? Well, we fail to conform and do the normal and routine thing! Rather, BLOODHOUND is bold and original and, yes, challenging too, which is why the world is following us. And success? That’s easy to define and it has isn’t always measured in Miles per Hour. Our No 1 objective is the children we inspire and the team of friends, fans and followers who help us do it. That’s all happening, but now we have to get the car operational.

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Richard Noble and The BLOODHOUND Project
February 2016