Army awards $147.7 million in ship repair contract; Historic voyage of U.S. shale gas to Brazil

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Racking up 2015 loss, Vard unveils new strategy
February 29, 2016—Vard saw a revenue drop in FY2015, and expects a further drop to NOK 8-9 billion for 2016, but foresees a recovery to NOK 12-13 billion in revenues, reaching previous highs by 2020, “on the back of an expected recovery of the offshore market from 2018.”

Army awards $147.7 million ship repair contract
The winning yards received a multi-year contract with options for programmed and unprogrammed dry docking, cleaning, painting, repairs and modifications to Army and Army Reserve vessels on the East Coast of the U.S. with an estimated completion date of Feb. 26, 2021.

Historic voyage of U.S. shale gas to Brazil
Craig Jallal, Senior Data Editor,, the ship search, valuation and mapping service, reports that the historic sailing represents the first cargo of liquefied U.S. shale gas, and the first U.S.-produced non-Alaskan LNG cargo to be sold for export since 1957.

Want to increase your profits? Add women to management
The Peterson Institute says that they found that going from having no women in corporate leadership to a 30 percent female share is associated with a 15 percent increase in profitability for a typical firm.

New U.S.-flag cargo vessel for Western Alaska trade
The first brand new U.S.-flag, U.S. built cargo vessel to enter the Western Alaska trade was recently delivered by Dakota Creek Industries to Coastal Transportation.

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