Moller International/Freedom Motors August 2017 Newsletter

Moller International

    After assessing the quickest to market volantor model, it was determined that the Neuera Firefly is the best initial choice.  The reasons for this are as follows:

  • There is an immediate need for a volantor that can extract someone from the side of a high rise in case of a fire. This need is universal throughout the world.

  • An aircraft that can save lives in this high-profile application will get preferential treatment in the approval process.

  • The compact size also makes other rescue missions possible (diameter 9ft versus 40 ft. in a helicopter).

  • The Neuera 200, which is close to flight test stage can be used to seek FAA approval.  Since both vehicles use essentially the same engines, flight control system, and very similar airframe, this will speed up the FAA flight approval process for the Firefly.

  • The Neuera 200, Neuera Firefly, Skycar® 100 and Skycar 200 all fall within a weight category that has the potential to be FAA certified (following FAA approval) under a subcategory of the light sports aviation (LSA) category. This would greatly speed up and reduce the cost of FAA certification.

  • The cost of FAA approval for both the Neuera 200 and Firefly should be less than $1,000,000.

With the decision to change priorities, updating the M400 Skycar® was of less immediate importance.  This led to the decision to offer it for sale on eBay as a way to fund the quicker-to-FAA certification required for commercial sale of the Firefly. Since the M400 Skycar® did not sell, we continue to pursue other funding options.  A tiny portion of the funds from our funding agreement with PSC would allow Freedom Motors to repay Moller International for a portion of its unpaid contracted services. Following input from a number of stockholders, a revised “Critique of Battery Powered Flying Cars” can be found here.


Freedom Motors
Freedom remains confident in the outcome regarding production funding from PSC. They have been extremely responsive with updates almost weekly.  If you have followed the previous description of the source of these funds you will understand why the timetable is indeterminant. However, Freedom Motors believes that funding will be in place within the next 60 days per the update from PSC here.

Sour Gas Testing Program
The testing of our Rotapower® engine for the useful conversion of sour gas to electricity is underway. A portable dyno facility has been developed so that, once the lower limit of methane content in the simulated gas (mixture of methane and CO2) is fully documented, the dyno will be moved to a sour gas source where endurance testing of the effects of the corrosive component in sour gas (hydrogen sulfide) can be endurance tested.  The use of sour gas will provide a high-profile demonstration of Freedom Motors’ Rotapower® engine in an application where there is no viable alternative.  It is also an ideal candidate for government support. For those who may have missed my report on the use of sour gas in the Rotapower® engine, a copy can be found here.

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