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Zenith at Sebring
EAA Barnstorming Deal: EAA members get FREE admission to the Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo with their paid registration for the Zenith Aircraft hands-on workshop offered at the Sebring Expo, January 24 – 27, 2018 in Sebring, Florida! Sign up now for the workshop to take advantage of this exclusive EAA Barnstorming Deal!

EAA Barnstorming Deal
Zenith Aircraft’s popular hands-on kit building workshops are returning to the Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo later this month!
Plan now to join us in sunny Florida to gain hands-on kit building experience.


Back by popular demand, Zenith Aircraft Company is bringing its famous two-day hands-on kit aircraft building workshop to the Sebring Sport Aviation Expo in sunny Florida during the middle of winter. The Zenith workshops are aimed at the first-time airplane builder and have become popular with sport aviation enthusiasts who are considering whether or not to build their own aircraft, but are unsure if they have the required skills, work-space and tools. During the workshop, which begins on Wednesday (January 24) and runs until Thursday afternoon (January 25), each participant builds and assembles their own Zenith Aircraft rudder tail section from a standard kit. A second workshop session begins on Friday (January 26) and ends on Saturday (January 27).  Visitors are welcome to observe the workshops in session, and Zenith Aircraft staff will be on hand to answer any additional questions about building and flying your own Zenith.  Factory demonstrator planes will also be on hand for demo flights!  See photos from last year’s workshops at Sebring.

Zenith Workshop _ Sebring
Participating at the workshop at U.S. Sport Aviation Expo makes an excellent getaway for you and your spouse or a friend. Spend a couple productive days learning to build your own airplane, meet with fellow aviation enthusiasts, and visit the Sebring Sport Aviation Expo in sunny Florida!
If you’ve already attended a Zenith worshop, please forward this email to any pilot friends whom you think would enjoy participating at this workshop in Florida!
All Zenith builders and flyers are invited to attend the Sebring Sport Aviation Expo, and to fly-in with their finished Zenith aircraft projects. Come by and visit with Zenith staff, see the planes at booth N205 and N206, lend a helping hand at the workshop tent, and join us for a Zenith social gathering and BBQ (details at the Zenith booth).  Note: Workshop space is limited. Prior registration is required.
STOL CH 750 Super Duty
We’ll be flying the new STOL CH 750 Super Duty south to Florida for the first time! The Super Duty (SD) model is a logical progression of the popular two-seat STOL CH 750 light-sport aircraft, with increased load (and corresponding increased gross weight), the addition of a “jump seat” in the large rear cabin area, and new engine choices for outstanding short take-off and landing (STOL) performance.
Super Duty
Being the newest kit aircraft model from Zenith Aircraft Company, the Super Duty model was designed and built using the latest design software and manufacturing technology allowing the extensive use of final hole size match-drilled parts and assemblies:
One hour rudder assembly
Watch the video as Zenith Aircraft’s Roger Dubbert single-handedly builds the entire rudder kit in just one hour!

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Professional Builder Assistance In Florida
Professional builder assistance
Herman and Amy Eshuis of Wheels & Wings will be on hand to help with the workshop at the Sebring Sport Aviation Expo.  Wheels & Wings offers professional builder assistance to Zenith kit customers from its base in Edgewater in central Florida. While most Zenith builders don’t need outside professional assistance to assemble their own aircraft, for some it is a valuable service to help them realize their dream of building and flying their very own airplane! Whether you don’t have the space or the time to build, or if your existing project is stalled, Herman and Amy of Wheels & Wings may be able to help you. Call Herman at 386-690-4239 to discuss you project.
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