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Newsletter: June 2018

President Erdoğan’s plane makes first ever landing at Istanbul New Airport

On June 21st the Turkish presidential aircraft TC-ANK carrying President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan touched down at Istanbul New Airport. It was a historic moment, marking the first ever landing by a passenger aircraft, and was greeted with a water salute on the runway. The airport is due to open on 29 October.



President Erdoğan was met by ground crew and workers. “Today is a very, very meaningful day for us,” he said in a statement after the landing, being pleased about the construction of “a magnificent airport”, which will be a leading hub for global air traffic. Istanbul’s new airport will be one of the three biggest airports in the world with the annual capacity of 90 million passengers in the first phase, he said, adding the airport would be a brand for the country. Erdoğan also announced that after the launch of the new airport, Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport will be replaced by a huge park named ‘People’s Garden’.

The construction of the airport, which is situated over an area of 76.5 million square meters to the north of Istanbul, in 35km distance to the city center of Istanbul, will be carried out in four phases. When all phases are completed, it is projected that the number of passengers will rise to 200 million. The airport will host nearly 100 airline companies flying to more than 300 destinations.

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A hub for passengers and cargo

With its perfect location between East and West Istanbul New Airport will benefit from the growth in the airport sector. “Within three hours distance we reach 120 destinations in 60 countries,” said Kadri Samsunlu, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of İGA Airport Operation, in an interview with BBC journalist Aaron Heslehurst from Talking Business. “Our airport is going to be a hub for passengers and for cargo,” said Samsunlu, who sees “a lot of growth potential” in the cargo sector.

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Immense contribution to the Turkish economy

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In an interview with Sky News, Kadri Samsunlu, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of İGA Airport Operation, stressed the enormous importance of Istanbul New Airport for the Turkish economy. Once all four phases are finished the contribution of the airport to GNP will be around 5%, employment will be increased by around 200,000 people and the contribution to the GDP is going to be around €40 billion.

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Istanbul New Airport will house 451-room hotel operated by YOTEL

A few months before the grand opening, Istanbul New Airport announces another attraction – a modernistic and futuristic hotel operated by YOTEL. It will be one of the biggest airport hotels in the world, with both airside and landside access, featuring 451 rooms. “YOTEL will contribute to our perfect passenger experience approach with unique innovative elemental luxury and technologically decked space,” says Kadri Samsunlu, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of İGA Airport Operation.

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Flight check inspection underway

Istanbul New Airport is coming closer to being operational day by day. In cooperation with General Directorate of State Airports Authority of Turkey (DHMI) flight check inspections have started on 16 May. The goal of the inspection is to check if all NAV-AIDS systems are working properly and instrument flight procedures meet the intended operational requirements.

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Commercial spaces in high demand

Leasing continues in full gear for Istanbul New Airport retail stores. The 10,000sqm retail space across the departure terminal, domestic outbound passenger area as well as arrival terminals, attracts a flood of interest by retailer brands. In addition, Istanbul New Airport will feature a 32,000sqm dedicated food and beverage area, but the showpiece will be the 52,500sqm duty free shopping area – the largest of its kind in the world.

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Support for youth and farmers: İGA Development Academy founded

İGA, which has undertaken the construction of the Istanbul New Airport as well as its operational responsibilities for a period of 25 years, will be promoting, in collaboration with the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey, the slogan “Act Now for Development!” The company will provide communications and financial literacy education to 19 young people between the ages 18-30 and 1,000 farmers and neighborhood residents in the airport area.

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