Revealed: Most Desired Airlines In the World

  • Etihad is the most desired airline with 98% of respondents wanting to fly in it by the power of the brand alone. Qatar Airways and Lufthansa followed with 96% and 95% respectively.
  • Air Astana came as the least desired
  • Lufthansa and British Airways were the most recognized worldwide.

The aided online poll was conducted among 24,000 participants from 68 countries aged between 17 and 78 who claimed to have traveled by plane at least one time during the past 24 months.


Berlin, Germany June 11, 2018 – Design and branding team at,, produced a ranking which compares the top airlines worldwide with the aim to discover which has the best branding appeal and desirability. With their finger on the pulse of logo design all over the world, GraphicSprings conducted a poll of 24 thousand people in 68 countries who flew in the past 24 months, examining how people feel about airlines they may have never flown on, by just by looking at the logo and name of the airline. The goal of the questions was to understand the effect marketing, reputation of the airline and the country of origin may have on the desirability people may have to fly in it.


The study is part of a larger study on corporate logos and branding penetration. Among the findings a clear it was found that the Gulf airlines have an edge when it comes to branding, credibility, and desirability. Another interesting result is how the country of origin has an effect in desirability to fly or not in an airline.


Results of how many respondents would like to fly in that specific airline (by just looking at the logo)


Top 25


# COMPANY COUNTRY PASSENGERS in million Would like to fly on it (%)
1 Etihad Airways United Arab Emirates 18.5 98
2 Qatar Airways Qatar 26.7 96
3 Deutsche Lufthansa Germany 62.4 95
4 Emirates Dubai / United Arab Emirates 56.1 95
5 All Nippon Airways Japan 50.8 88
6 JetBlue Airways USA 38.3 87
7 Hawaiian Airlines USA 11 86
8 British Airways United Kingdom 44.5 85
9 Cathay Pacific Hog kong 27 85
10 Garuda Indonesia Indonesia 34.9 84
11 Swiss International Air Lines Switzerland 16.5 84
12 Fiji Airways Fiji 1.4 84
13 Saudia Saudi Arabia 30 57
14 Air Seychelles Seychelles 0.6 76
15 Southwest Airlines USA 151.8 75
16 Qantas Airways Australia 51.4 75
17 Virgin Atlantic Airways United Kingdom 5.4 75
18 Air France France 49.8 73
19 Alaska Airlines USA 24.4 73
20 Singapore Airlines Singapore 19 73
21 Japan Airlines Japan 40.2 72
22 Thai Airways Thailand 22.3 72
23 Philippine Airlines Philippines 13.35 72
24 Air Mauritius Mauritius 1.5 69
25 Alitalia Italy 22.1 66


Lower tier


# COMPANY COUNTRY PASSENGERS in million Would like to fly on it (%)
83 Asiana Airlines South Korea 18.4 14
84 TUI Airways United Kingdom 10.6 14
85 Air Malta Malta 1.8 12
86 Aeroflot-Russian Airlines Russia 29 11
87 SriLankan Airlines Sri Lanka 4.3 11
88 Royal Air Maroc Maroc 6.7 9
89 Azerbaijan Airlines Azerbaijan 2 8
90 Malaysia Airlines Malaysia 20.7 5
91 Air Astana Kazakhstan 3.75 5


Further Insights Available for the following questions


Name of the airline (%) – Percentage of participants who knew (or guessed correctly in an aided question) the name of the airline.


The country is from (%)

Percentage of participants who knew (or guessed correctly) in which country the company is located.


Yes is low cost (%)

Percentage of participants who considered the company to be a low budget airline.


Is expensive (%)

Percentage of participants who considered the company to be an expensive airline.


Yes, they are known for good service (%)

Percentage of participants who think that the airline is known for good service.


They think it has a bad reputation (%)

Percentage of participants who believe the airline has a bad reputation


Would like to fly on it (%)

Percentage of participants who would like to fly with the airline.


Yes, Is punctual and reliable (%)

Percentage of participants who consider the airline to be punctual and reliable.





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