Aarhus Airport adds routes to Italy and Portugal with SAS

Caption: The partnership between SAS and Aarhus Airport ends up having brought in ten routes when the Airport opens direct air links to Rome and Faro come April 2019. 

The successful partnership between Aarhus Airport and the biggest Scandinavian airline SAS now results in two new routes. Starting April, locals will be able to fly directly to sunny Rome in Italy and to Faro in the Portuguese Algarve.


The passenger numbers increase and so does the number of routes. In this year alone Aarhus Airport – the official airport of Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark located in Eastern Jutland– has already added nine new routes to their long list of destinations and by spring they will be adding the Italian capital of Rome and Faro in Portugal to the list.


”Our guests are using our services because we have great destinations to offer them, so significant growth in our passenger numbers can be found in our expanded route network and  passenger needs and wishes. It is hard work to add new routes, and this development comes as a result of comprehensive effort to show airlines that Aarhus is an international hotspot for both outbound and inbound travelers. Both SAS and other big players in the business have spotted this, so we are once again happy to offer our local residents direct access to much desired destinations,” says CEO at Aarhus Airport, Peter Høgsberg.


The number of routes from Aarhus Airport has more than doubled since 2016 – when the departure board at the Danish airport only showed nine destinations. This has long since increased to a total of 23 destinations and the number keeps growing every year. The big increase in routes at the airport comes mainly with the expanded partnership with SAS, which has already provided six new routes and capacity expansion on two existing routes in 2018 alone. The successful collaboration reaches new heights, when the two new routes are added to the destination map in Aarhus from April.


It is with a perfectly steady hand that SAS adds more flights to the route network to and from Aarhus.


”Aarhus is a very exciting destination and the city is developing rapidly at the moment. We always work on developing our product from Aarhus Airport in close collaboration with travelers, businesses and the tourism sector. We are now offering ten direct routes; the new destinations come both from the wishes of our passengers and an ambition from us at SAS to be an essential part of the exciting development in Aarhus. In addition, we also use a lot of resources abroad on promoting Aarhus as a destination and that also results in a lot of tourists coming from around the world to Aarhus,” says Executive Vice president at SAS, Lars Sandahl Sørensen.


The new routes to Italy and Portugal will go into service in April 2019. Also, Aarhus Airport will open air links to Crete and Zakynthos from May. In a collaboration with SAS and Århus Charter respectively, Aarhus Airport has announced a total of four new routes starting in spring 2019.