Pentagon’s Weapons Systems are Vulnerable

You might have seen the news that the new Government Accountability Office reported that the Pentagon’s multibillion-dollar weapons systems are riddled with cybersecurity vulnerabilities. And yet military leaders ignored the problem for years, turning a blind eye to security weaknesses in newly developed systems that could potentially thwart military missions.

Thoughts on this from Edgard Capdevielle, CEO at Nozomi Networks, that you might find useful:

“It’s not entirely surprising that military leaders turned a blind eye to security weaknesses within the Pentagon’s multibillion-dollar weapons systems; however, it does demonstrate the pervasive attitude that overlooks the real dangers of not building cybersecurity in from the beginning. Addressing cybersecurity vulnerabilities after the fact is a monumental task, so it’s unfortunate that the military failed to take action despite continued warnings from the Government Accountability Office.

“The recent report from the government watchdog shows that attackers could have exploited these weaknesses quite easily – and wouldn’t have needed sophisticated tools to do so. This is a reality that we’re seeing more and more of – that attackers nowadays no longer need the resources or skill of a nation-state to pull off a successful attack. The current threat landscape is quickly expanding as attackers with various levels of sophistication are more easily finding the tools and tactics needed to be successful and government organisations need to sit up and take action.”