VTOL e-news Asia-Pacific – January 2019 Report.

Our front cover features a recognition of the great efforts of thousands of emergency

service workers and volunteers who have battled, and are still fighting record breaking fires,

 floods and other related disasters. A bad start for 2019 in Australia. Thanks to all concerned!.


Quick find topics


Page 1. Cover. Big thank you to those involved in recent disaster relief and recovery operations.

Page 2. Editor’s Welcome to new style e-news. Congratulations to Helimods for Canadian contract.

Page 3. CASA CEO’s Briefing for January 2019. More regulations on the way for GA.

Page 5 Editor’s Comments. 2019 will be a year of concern. HeliRussia in Moscow.

Page 6. Items of interest at Heli-Expo 2019. A guide for Australians?

Page 7. Australian news and safety updates from ATSB. Four accidents.

Page 8. Introduction to new Robinson Safety Courses in 2019.

Page 9. Robinson Safety Course, Helitec, Sunshine Coast Qld. 9 to 10 Mar ’19.

Page 11. Fantastic eVTOL Forecasts.

Page 12. AAUS – Advocate. Registration of drones comments due 22 Feb ’19.

Page 13. Safety Debate – Angle Flight concerns. Two sides to story?

Page 16. NZ News. General news – baby in pram toppled down rotor wash.

Page 17. Notice Board – do you want to advertise?

Page 18. HHI Investor – trends in investment and acquiring financial loans.

Page 20. What are these electric devices?

Page 21. Australian School News – latest on VET Student Loans.

Page 22. Welcome to tomorrow (US Style). The 4th Industrial Revolution.

Page 24. Coming events. Rotorcraft Asia 2019 at Singapore 16-18 April 2019.

Page 26. Relaxing around the campfire. January funnies …….


Kindest regards,


Rob Rich – Editor

VTOL e-news Asia-Pacific