Engineers to start building first X-60A experimental hypersonic rocket

Video: Airbus celebrates 50 years since first Concorde test flight
The European manufacturer has released exclusive footage of the innovative but flawed supersonic passenger aircraft to commemorate 50 years since Concorde 001’s first flight in Toulouse, France more…

Engineers to start building first X-60A experimental hypersonic rocket
The US Air Force’s X-60A, an air-dropped liquid rocket being developed for hypersonic flight research, has completed its critical design review, a major milestone in the program that paves the way for its first test flight in March
2020 more…
  H160 helicopter proves performance in cold weather conditions
  Supersonic shockwaves imaged by NASA
  Airbus wing production and testing improved with “bouncy castle” barrier
  Sikorsky receives certification for S-70M to fight forest fires
Job of the week: Operations Director, Aerospace West, Huntington Beach, CA
Element has an opportunity for an Operations Director, Aerospace West to ensure successful operation of the Huntington Beach, CA laboratories within the Aerospace West division. This includes strategic planning, operational excellence, the mentoring and development of managers and the implementation of all programs and projects
assigned more…
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Quiz: How many flight test hours did Concorde accumulate during development and testing? (a) 1000
(b) 2500
(c) 5000
(d) 8000

Find out the correct answer here

Last week we asked when the first European rocket, Ariane 1 was launched into space. The answer is 1971.

Supplier spotlight of the week: National Institute for Aviation Research
The National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) at Wichita State University is a unique R&D facility focused on providing testing and certification for airframe technologies more…
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Engineers are preparing to flight test supersonic aircraft designs that could see commercial supersonic aviation in our skies for the first time in decades


The US Department of Defense has pioneered the use of test equipment to tackle the ‘No Fault Found’ problem and identify degradation in connectors, cables, circuit breakers and LRUs.


Already a Falcon 20 operator, the German Aerospace Centre will replace its A320 Advanced Technology Research Aircraft with a Falcon 2000 business jet by 2020


High-speed imaging technology and techniques are being pushed to their limits to capture the effects of hypervelocity impacts

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