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Continental Aerospace Technologies Revamps Factory Training

Traditionally, few European GA mechanics have undergone engine factory technical training with not many courses available locally. That’s about to change, thanks to Continental…


Check out the new DA62 MMP Survey Concept

How will the new DA62 MMP survey concept and configuration enhance surveillance ops going forwards? Learn about the equipment to be installed, and what it does.


What Can the Antares E2 Bring to Surveillance Ops?

Why’s the developmental Antares E2 so well suited to surveillance and observation flights, and what difference does it offer compared to others in the market? Find out here.


Here’s How Autoland is Revolutionizing General Aviation

What is Garmin’s Autoland system and how is it set to revolutionize safety in General Aviation cockpits? Explore how it’s used in Piper Aircraft’s new M600 SLS turboprop.


How to Address the Challenges to Electric Aviation

Amazing new aircraft are possible in the electric flight revolution. VerdeGo says hybrids are the way forward with its integrated distributed electric propulsion system…

What to Look for in Owner Trustee Documents 

What are the rights and responsibilities of aircraft Owner Trustees? Learn how Aircraft Guaranty Corp can make understanding a complex relationship simple.

What is Turboprop Engine Maintenance?

What should you know about turboprop engine maintenance? How do they work, how often is maintenance required, and what does it cost? Chris Kjelgaard explores.

Pilatus Aircraft Unveils the PC-12 NGX

Swiss OEM Pilatus presented the latest version of its PC-12 single-engine turboprop, the PC-12 NGX in October. Here’s how they’ve upgraded the popular aircraft…

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Piper M600: What’s it Like to Fly?

When Bjarne Jorsal had the pleasure of ferrying a factory-new Piper M600 across the North Atlantic from Florida to Denmark, how did the aircraft fare…?

Airborne LiDAR Reveals Ancient Dry Rainforest

LiDAR remote sensing has been used in many archaeological projects, including locating Mayan pyramids. Now it’s been used to research Australia’s dry rainforests!