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Land Speed Record

A message from Ian

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was going to have a year like this! Twelve months ago I headed towards Christmas wondering what I’d taken on by getting involved with Bloodhound. Fast forward to Christmas 2019 and I am so proud of what the Bloodhound team has achieved. It has been simply amazing!

My thanks go to all of you who are reading this for showing us your unstinting loyalty and support for the project throughout 2019. Knowing that so many people were rooting for Bloodhound gave me the confidence initially to back the project – but to experience that support first-hand has been a revelation.

I also need to thank everyone associated with the high speed testing phase, including all our partners and those who worked so hard in South Africa to make this happen. Every person involved made a difference, whether it was clearing stones, marshalling at trackside, extending us their hospitality, processing paperwork and so on. The Northern Cape government and the local Mier Community were fantastic – thank you all.

In 2019, we proved that our engineering is rock solid and that the car is indeed capable of breaking the world land speed record. We’re now tackling the challenge of raising sponsorship to take the car back out to South Africa to attain that record. Getting sponsorship for major projects is never easy, but the phone is ringing and we’re feeling optimistic about 2020. If you’d like to talk to me about any form of sponsorship or partnership for Bloodhound, please get in touch.

Finally, the biggest thanks have to go to the Bloodhound team. After so much time and effort by so many people, it was a very emotional day for all when the car made its first run on the desert. The team faced so many uncertainties over the past few years, but still focussed unwaveringly on the task at hand in 2019 and their skills and dedication were rewarded with the 628mph run on the last day of high speed testing. You have inspired so many people with what you have achieved and I can’t wait to do this again in 12-18 months’ time.

To all of you, have a wonderful Christmas and we’ll see you for more of the same in 2020!

Ian Warhurst, CEO, Grafton LSR Limited