VTOL e-news Asia-Pacific – November Report 2019

VTOL e-news Asia-Pacific – November Report 2019.

Late News Alert: 3 Dec 19. Senate Inquiry launched into CASA and GA.

To gauge effectiveness of new regulations applied to GA over past decade. 

Senator Susan McDonald to be RRAT Chair. Welcome news for industry!  

 Quick find news items:

Page 3. HAI’s Golden Hour Award to NSW Ambulance Aeromedical Rescue Helicopter Service.

Page 4. Editor’s Welcome. A look at changes heading our way in 2020.

Page 5. Editor of the Year Award. Steve Hitchen – The Last Minute Hitch.

Page 7. CASA’s CEO November Briefing – Service delivery transformation.

Page 8. AHIA President’s Message – AVGAS report mailed to 643 operators.

Page 9. Ken Cannane – Introducing AMROBA – need for international agreements.

Page 11. AAUS’s AGM elections & news. Noise regulation paper to DITCRD.

Page 12. HAI CEO – Matt Zuccaro – Overcoming negative media reports.

Page 13. USA news. First U.S. AW169 HEMS fleet Operational.

Page 16. New Zealand news. Fatal helicopter prosecution a warning to all.

Page 18. AHIA AGM Results – Office bearers. Introducing Shannon O’Hara.

Page 19. Taranis partners with Stratus Imaging – Advanced crop monitoring.

Page 20. Global news. MRH90 Maintenance Rig for Australian Defence Force.

Page 23. Skyportz and Parking Australia announce flying taxi infrastructure partnership.

Page 24. OzRunways – Setting up an EFB for commercial operations – Part 1.

Page 29. Notice Board – We need your news! Why not advertise with us?

Page 30. Coming events. Need a reason to travel for personal professional development?

Page 33. Around the campfire – golf humour at its worst?


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