VTOL e-news Asia-Pacific Board Room Briefings – Mid-April 2020

Board Room Briefings! Third for 2020 – is a COVID-19 recovery getting closer?

 Attached our Board Room Briefings  – Mid-April 2020. This new business intel publication supplements our VTOL e-news Asia-Pacific Monthly Reports.

VTOL Board Room Briefing – Mid-Apr 2020

VTOL Marketing Guide – April 2020




Editor’s note: apologies for this being late. Due to the volatile global situation and the constantly changing status of social isolation, we have had to change this issue three times with a virtual complete rewrite each time. Even as I press the go button on our emailing system I am listening to TV reports, both good and bad, which will affect the way we live and work in the future.


We have provide updates about an improving COVID-19 coronavirus situation in Australia and New Zealand. And, also how the wider global aviation community has quickly upgraded HEMS protocols to overcome difficulties in carrying infected patients within an aeromedical helicopter. Many lessons have been learnt! We have devoted a lot of space to see what has and has not worked.


The industry segment which has benefited most from this absolutely disastrous crisis, is the drone industry. In our next report we will highlight some of the amazing developments that have come from the use of unmanned systems. It is not so much about the drone that carries the camera or sensing system; but more about the software that processes the information that is collected and how it is used to help overcome coronavirus outbreaks.


As we are entering a hopefully short phase of restricted business opportunities; I have upgraded our marketing guide to provide advice to business development and managers about how we can help with promoting new capabilities and associated technology. We have once again reduced our advertising rates to ensure these complimentary information publications can remain in service. Hope you enjoy the attached VTOL Marketing Guide – April 2020. It has helpful hints on how to use our publications to create a better awareness of your company or activities. Many of your news items can be published at no cost. We hope to have 5,000 subscribers by end of June. (now just over 4,600).


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