Operation Jericho 2020 Rare DNA of The Mosquito

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of a rare complete Mosquito FB.VI control column. Actually, this control column was fitted to a Canadian FB.26 – a De Havilland Canada built FB.VI, but the design is the same. To find one that is complete as well as in good condition is rare, this will save the project some considerable cost of making a column from scratch. it is in effect the ‘DNA’ of the fighter-bomber!



One Unique Opportunity To Sponsor The Column

Would you like to sponsor this and have your name, loved one, or company on this control column? If yes we are looking for £5,000.

In addition to your name added we will also tailor unique access for you to Mosquito RL249 around this ‘DNA’ of the Mossie.

Interested and want to add your name to history with this unique offer?

Then click here