Board Room Briefing – September 2020 – from Rotorcraft Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd

Aviation leaders and rotorcraft enthusiasts looking beyond COVID-19.   

 Board Room Briefings! Our eighth for 2020 – now more business focussed.

Economy maybe suffering less, unemployment is trending down?

Regional tourism is trending up? Is this helping tourism industry.

Beef prices are higher as demand increases – are mustering folks doing better?


Please find attached our Board Room Briefings – September 2020.

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Board Room Briefing – September 2020. Rotorcraft Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd


Page 1. Editor’s Welcome. Well known Curry-Kenny aviation family suffer sad loss.

Page 2. Indian aviation looking for opportunities in Australia and NZ, due China’s actions.

Page 3. CAA NZ issues monsoon bucket alert – sling loads are a high risk operation.

Page 4. GM investing heavily in the development of flying cars. (UAM).

Page 5. Walmart and Zipline starting drone deliveries in USA.

Page 6. Japanese evaluating AW609 for operations to Ogasawara Island, 1,000 km offshore.

Page 7. Hawaiian based R44 used for tagging ghost nets and helping to clean up Pacific.

Page 8. Volocopter now selling air taxi tickets in USA. AUD$487 for 15 minutes??

Page 10. Bell Delivers Montenegro Air Force’s first Bell 505 for aircrew training.

Page 12. Is Qantas helping the growth of helicopter scenic flights?

Page 16. ATSB and RMIT join forces to graduate more accident investigators.

Page 17. Review of NZ’s Civil Aviation Act 1990 is on hold until after the election.

Progress to date is favouring move to FAA regulations – are there lessons here for Australia?

Page 19. A thank you to all our sponsors who keep us publishing our complimentary trade journals on your behalf.

Page 20. A marketing guide for our aviation business managers in these difficult times.

Page 22. Late News: – Just in. Bell 212 down in Papua. Three crew members seem OK.

Page. 23. Defence news. More Chinook helicopters to Oakey. Some from Singapore.


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