UFOs and time travel? The TILT September 2020 Update

Alien starship travelling through deep space viewed from nearby planet surface

TILT is new to UFO research, and our executive director Dr. Julia Mossbridge recently collaborated with TILT Positive Precog Consortium co-leader John Vivanco to research and write this Medium article about UFOs, inter-dimensional travel, and the social dynamics of the UFOlogy community.



Can people be hypnotized to be more precognitive or to feel greater unconditional love? We decided to find out in this study in the APA journal, Spirituality and Clinical Practice. The upshot? well, it’s complicated, but you might want to hire our hypnotherapist, Adam Crabtree — he was able to get people to feel significantly more unconditional love.
Quantum mechanics and quantum computing have long been fields that feel exclusionary to most college-educated people. If you don’t have the background, it feels impossible to understand or contribute. Experts in the field realize this, and one has written an important opinion piece about how the field must change.
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