Veterans for Britain Chairman’s Newsletter

Welcome to the second Veterans for Britain Chairman’s Newsletter.

In my last letter I wrote about the importance of continuing the Brexit Overwatch function that we see ourselves in at the moment.  The negotiations, which were convoluted to begin with, have been compounded further by Covid-19, stretching timelines and people’s patience to the limit.  We need to ensure that defence is not used as a negotiating pawn and “thrown under the bus” in the process and keep pressure on MPs in all areas of the negotiations to avoid a “trickle-down” affect having an undue influence on defence.  This is why we joined with  13 other Brexit organisations last week, and wrote to all Members of Parliament asking them to support the Internal Market and Finance Bill.

Veterans for Britain is also stepping up its campaign against Veteran’s Prosecutions and I am very pleased to announce that Hilary Meredith, of Hilary Meredith Solicitors, has been recruited to join the Board.  Hilary has a well-documented history of fighting veteran’s causes and we welcome her insight and knowledge to help us to continue to lobby MPs in this area.  More information can be found at

I must also say thank you to those who have subscribed to Veterans for Britain.  I can not stress enough how important your subscriptions are to enable us to continue to lobby on behalf of the Veterans and Armed Forces, and I would urge you to please try and get people with similar beliefs as yours to also join.  The more subscribers we have, the more good we can achieve.

For as little as 10p a day you can help the Armed Forces and Veterans by supporting our work, while giving us the opportunity to keep you informed and send you exclusive opportunities to apply for invitations to VfB events.  Full details can be seen at

With best wishes,

Julian Thompson

Major General Julian Thomson CB OBE
Chairman of Veterans for Britain