Board Room Briefing – October 2020 – from Rotorcraft Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd

TO: Company Board Members, Senior Managers and rotorcraft enthusiasts looking beyond COVID-19.   


Board Room Briefings! Our nineth for 2020 – now more business focussed.

Launch of the Rotorcraft Asia-Pacific Business Association – RAPBA.

Understanding VTOL opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region post COVID-19.

COVID-19 VET concessions makes RW CPL training much cheaper.

Please find attached our Board Room Briefings – October  2020.

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Board Room Briefings October 2020. From Rotorcraft Asia-Pacfic Pty Ltd

Page 1. Editor’s Welcome. We have to move on and prepare for reduced COVID-19 restrictions in 2021.

Page 1. Launch of Rotorcraft Asia-Pacific Business Association and why we need to self-help!

Page 2. Australia Aviation in Focus. New online news service for Rotorcraft in the APAC Region.

Page 3. Tourism Australia is calling on Aussies to ‘Holiday Here This Year’ once again.

Page 5. Looking ahead to 2021 and beyond. What are post COVID-19 rotorcraft business opportunities in APAC.

Page 7. Africa. Will onshore wind energy potential create a new VTOL industry using rotorcraft?

Page 9. Mustering operators are placing bets who will win the battle between El Niño and La Niña.

Page 10. Norwegian Competence Centre Helicopter offers new Cat D simulator.

Page 11. New EFB course – on behalf of OZRunways. Andrew Boniface – Airspace Flight Solutions.

Page 12. Advanced drones expediate damage assessment for insurers. Fires in California USA  .

Page 14. How COVID-19 helped the struggling drone industry take flight.

Page 16. Further support for higher education and VET – Post Federal Budget Advisory. Savings!

Page 19. A thank you to all our sponsors who keep us publishing our complimentary trade journals on your behalf.

Page 20. A marketing guide for our aviation business managers in these difficult times.

Page 22. Latest from Rotary Wing Society of India (RWSI) – only a small helicopter fleet in India?


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