Comment from leading UK Defence A.I company on today’s MoD funding pledge


Commenting on today’s funding pledge, Rob Bassett Cross, CEO of Adarga, said: “This is an incredibly exciting and important pledge that will enable the Defence Secretary to fulfil the pioneering approach he has set out in the Integrated Operating Concept. Most importantly, it will enable the MoD to leverage the UK’s world leading Data Science and Software Engineering talent, to not only help meet the nature of threats now presented in an era of persistent competition, but to benefit the security and prosperity of the UK as a whole.  I warmly welcome the exciting development of new agency dedicated to artificial intelligence.   This will allow the MoD to be bold in its transformation agenda and not to fill holes in existing, outdated programmes, but to shift gear strategically into the Information Era.”

Adarga’s mission is to enable its customers to make better decisions today, to work faster and smarter, and to unlock the hidden value their data.


Using Adarga’s intelligent platform, organisations are able to integrate and analyse vast volumes of data more quickly and accurately. Adarga automates time-intensive tasks, learning by reading and understanding complex data at speeds humans are unable to achieve, transforming the value users are able to discover in their data. It allows users at every level to realise the full potential of available information, elevating them above time and knowledge-intensive process, expanding what it is possible for humans to achieve alone.


Adarga is based in London and Bristol (UK), with a team of over 60 software engineers and data scientists. The Company has secured a number of significant customer licensing and collaboration agreements and continues to grow a strong and accelerating pipeline of technology pilots and software sales.