Remembering Our Heroes!

Two Of The Many Heroes We Will Remember
TPM Supporters – Flt. Lt. Colin Bell, DFC & Flt. Lt. Des Curtis, DFC
Remembering Our Heroes!

From the launch of our 2020 fundraiser Operation Jericho 2020, it has been great to see your donations dedicated to your heroes who served their country either in our armed forces, particularly the air arm of your nation, or in the production of the Mossie!


Please see a recent selection of dedications to remember:

If it hadn’t been for Colin Bell, and his fellow flying officers and navigators, I possibly would not be here today, and in the fortunate position of becoming a Gold Supporter! – Mike Myles-White

I’m making this donation in memory of Flt Lt Bert Smart, who flew a Mosquito as part of 614 (Pathfinder) Squadron based out of Malta in 1945. He was a real gentleman, who flew many aircraft during the war, but who loved the Mosquito above all others. – Anonymous

My father flew 42 operations in Mosquito FB Mk VIs with 45 Squadron. He would have loved to see another flying again. – Jeremy Walsh

A Tribute from me to my late Stepfather flew Mosquitos UK, Canada, Burma and UK 1943-1946 finished as an instructor at RAF Leeming Barr 1946. He passed away aged 95 in 2016. – David Haynes

Thank you for your dedication to these heroes and donation to bring back a flying memorial to all who produced, maintained and flew the Mosquito

Our campaign urgently needs more funds to complete the Mosquito fuselage mould’s. Thanks to those donations and purchases we are 60% to our £250K target. So we are tantalizingly close to the finishing line to begin fuselage construction. Please donate to build a flying memorial to our heroes.

With package’s from £25 and dedicate it to honour your heroes.
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