Australian Helicopter Schools Directory – February 2021.

Editor’s Request:


Following release of our draft helicopter school directory to our 34 schools for checking; we have received a number of calls from concerned folks who provide some form of training (or have a school) who are not on our listing. This is understandable as the new CASA AOC Register only lists Part 142 schools.

To download a draft Directory, please click on the link below:

RAPBA – Helicopter School Directory – draft for 2021

By way of further explanation, this second email request has gone out to more than 5,000 rotorcraft focused readers of which 40% are overseas. A small, but an important number, of my data base who may have some unpublished training capability?


So what do we do? If you do any form of helicopter training, or have a check and training permission etc, etc, then we can list your contacts at no cost.


Also, if you do advanced SAR, HEMS, NVG, fire fighting, training then let us know.


You may ask, “Why bother?”


Every few days I have requests from key players in the APAC Region asking for a list of Australian schools; so they can get a license or undertake advanced training of some kind.


And check with Ken Cannane at AMROBA to see if he has a list of technical training or equipment endorsement course providers.


Rob Rich


From: Rob Rich <>
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Subject: Australian Helicopter Schools Directory – February 2021.


Reminder – All the best for 2021!


TO: Our valued helicopter training industry folks,  


Please find attached our first draft of the Australian Helicopter Schools Directory – February 2021. 


It will be distributed at no cost to the more than 5,100 subscribers to help your training industry move ahead as quickly as possible as the pandemic abates during 2021. Thus we need to ensure your listing is correct.


  • If not please tell us so we can fix it ASAP.


This publication will be released bi-monthly by the new Rotorcraft Asia-Pacific Business Association (RAPBA) to be launched in mid January 2021. The new association will target several major industry problems one of which is the still troubled training industry trying to be fully compliant with the requirements of the regulatory reform processes provided by CASA.


Understandably, the training of aviation workers is still struggling with the after-effects of 2020. However, as the pandemic is slowly brought under control there will be an expected increase in demands for training, according to our research!


Good news really!


We have Included some of the latest facts on our training industry. Our listing is by state and territory.


Also, we have shared some of our research data based on the October edition of the CASA Annual Report 2019/2020.


Kindest regards,


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