Famous Berlin Raid Anniversary

Famous Berlin Raid Anniversary!
R.A.F. 139 (Jamaica) Squadron Mosquito B.IV aircraft 
On the 30th January 1943, a total of 6 Mosquito aircraft from RAF Squadrons 105 & 139 delivered a morale-boosting raid on Berlin, and embarrassed the Nazi party!


That day in Berlin was to be a celebration of 10 years of the Nazi party coming to power. Instead, just as Goering stood up, at 11 am to address the German nation three Mosquito aircraft, from 105 Squadron, bombed a railway junction just to the North in Berlin. The speech was abandoned, and the bombing could just be heard over the radio before music was hastily broadcast.

This was not the end of the surprises for the dictatorship on this day. At 4 pm three more Mosquito’s from 139 squadron bombed to the south of the German capital.

Thus completing the embarrassment for the Nazi’s and a raid which paved the way for the legendary status for the Mosquito!

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ROYAL AIR FORCE BOMBER COMMAND, 1942-1945. (CH 10135) Wing Commander R W Reynolds (right), pilot and Officer Commanding No. 139 Squadron RAF, and his navigator, Flight Lieutenant E B Sismore, standing in front of a De Havilland Mosquito B Mark IV at Marham, Norfolk. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205210373

Pilot: S/L Reynolds (R) and Nav: P/O Sismore (L) of 105 Squadron who led the first wave over Berlin
Post-War Ted Sismore rose to the rank of Air Commodore
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