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2021 Off To A Flying Start
Your British Mosquito To The Skies
Want To Get Close To A British Mossie?
Thank you for the donations and merchandise purchases from last week. 2021 got off to a good flying start! Let’s not put the brakes on and stop there.

We have seen a further uptake in donors coming forward to make regular payments for Diamond & Platinum packages. Regular payments towards a fab reward package is a simple way to get a seat on the front row for the first flight.

How Can You Say ‘I did that?’ 

Operation Jericho 2020 Packages
A great way to help is to donate
to the Operation Jericho 2020 Campaign

Add your name to history forever starting as little as £25. Each level of support comes with tailored and unique rewards.

We have 5 packages available to choose from
Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum

Click on the campaign button below for details.

Operation Jericho 2020 Campaign Packages
Another great way to support is to sign up to give us a monthly donation. We have many people supporting us in this way and regular donations for ANY amount are always welcome. 
Setup a Regular Donation
If you choose to set up a regular donation please also
email us at to inform us.
The Sunny Spinner In All Its Glory!
Spinner Update – Getting Close To Target!
Last week more of you came forward to ‘Sponsor The Spinner’! Thank you so much. We’re almost on target!

Wanted Mossie Spinner Sponsors! For £500 your name can be on this original WW2 Mosquito FB.VI Spinner for life!

We now only have 8 spaces remaining so please click on the link below to secure your place in history!

Spinner Sponsors
Mossie Merch!
‘Mosquito Attack’ – 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Mosquito Intruder Black Soft-Feel A5 Notebook

TPM Thinsulate Knitted Beanie

Mosquito NFII Diecast Metal Model

Mission Patch Mug

Sky Blue TPM Polo Shirt

Embroidered Blue TPM Logo Fleece

Embroidered Red TPM Logo Polo Shirt

Refer A Friend And Be A TPM Superhero
We have £50 as a prize to spend on our online store for the most people signed up to our newsletter! Click on the TPM Hero above to join in.