Rotorcraft Asia-Pacific e-News March 2021 Report

Rotorcraft Asia-Pacific e-News March 2021 Report

To our drone and helicopter industry folks,

Please find attached our March Report.

Download a free copy by clicking on  the link below:

Rotorcraft Asia-Pacific e-News March 2021 Report

During work on our Board Room Briefings, the RPAS industry was enjoying a strong growth rate.

But to our surprise, the helicopter industry is also entering a growth phase! Staff shortages now exist.

STOP-PRESS! Sandhills Pacific acquired Aviation Trader on 26 Mar 2021. Big changes planned!

Quick find key news items: 

 Page 1. Barossa Helicopters doing well! Confirms post COVID news is good!

Page 3. Surprise – Robinson has good orders! 2021 maybe a record year?

Page 5. NZ News – R44 advisory – turbulence in NZ. POH has warnings!

Page 6. AAUS. From Maybe to Mainstream Conference at RotorTech 2021.

Page 8. Flood rescue and Rotortech concessions to attend event.

Page 9. HAI’s CEO James A. Viola. Updates. FAA and government working together.  

Page 13 CASA’s CEO, Graeme Crawford provides March Briefing. More news on page 21.

Page 15. ATSB. B206 engine failure near Sydney. Pilot does a good job. (ATSB).

Page 19. NSW floods and Bell Nexus. Massive investments in UAM.  

Page 23. Understanding windfarm opportunities. Also, a typically busy day going to the wind turbines.

Page 27. Notice Board with new notices!

Page 30 Marketing Guide and advertising rates.

Page 32. Around the Campfire – tall tales, etc.

Kindest regards,

 Rob Rich – Editor

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