Zenith Aircraft Building Workshop at Sun ‘n Fun

Join Zenith Aircraft Company‘s Sebastien and Roger as they take you flying in the STOL CH 750 Super Duty and discuss and preview the activities planned by Zenith Aircraft for the upcoming 2021 Sun ‘n Fun Expo in Lakeland, Florida, April 13 – 18.

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Zenith Aircraft Building Workshop at Sun ‘n Fun

Get started building your own Zenith aircraft kit at Sun ‘n Fun: Workshop classes will run on the first three days of the Sun ‘n Fun Expo inside the Buehler Aerospace Training Center at the Sun ‘n Fun complex. The Buehler hangar is familiar with Zenith aircraft kits: Members of the Lakeland Aero Club have been building a Zenith CH 750 Cruzer kit airplane this past year (that will serve as a trainer for physically disabled pilots once completed, part of a project between Able Flight and the Central Florida Aerospace Academy, which sponsors the Aero Club). The aircraft, named “The Spirit of Lakeland” will be on static display at the Zenith booth (MD-26B) during the Expo week. There will be several workshop sessions during the three days to guarantee small group sizes.

“We’re excited to bring our workshop classes to the Sun ‘n Fun Expo,” stated Sebastien Heintz, Zenith Aircraft’s president. “Visitors to Sun ‘n Fun will be able to not only see these planes on display (on the ground and in the air) but can also gain valuable experience in building their own kit during the Expo.”

The hands-on workshop is an excellent way to learn about building your own (amateur-built) kit airplane and about the many advantages of owning and flying an airplane that you’ve built yourself. Kit aircraft is a segment of general aviation that is growing (while much of general aviation activities continue to decline year over year), and Zenith Aircraft is the number one light sport aircraft brand in the United states (based on actual FAA registrations). For many, building an aircraft is a very rewarding experience, and today’s modern kits make it easier and quicker to build than ever before.

Standard workshop fees are $375.00 (or $425 for the CH 750 Super Duty model) and include the complete rudder kit for a Zenith aircraft. Additional helpers are encouraged to attend and can participate at no additional charge. To learn more about the workshop program, visit zenithair.com or call Zenith Aircraft directly: (573) 581-9000 (Mon – Fri, 8 – 5 Central). Prior registration is required for the workshop at Sun ‘n Fun (group sizes are limited), and admission to the Sun ‘n Fun Expo (sold separately) is required. Click for workshop details and registration.

Jon Humberd plans to demonstrate short take-offs and landings in his custom-built Zenith “Super 701” daily at Paradise City, the light sport aircraft field at Sun ‘n Fun. Jon and his aircraft were featured on the cover of AOPA Pilot magazine last year and he is a popular (and fierce!) competitor at many STOL competitions.

Zenith builders: We’ll be driving a cargo van with workshop and display materials to Lakeland, Florida from the Zenith kit aircraft factory. Let us know if we can bring kit parts to you for delivery at Sun ‘n Fun. Contact us at 573-581-9000 (Mon – Fri, 8 – 5)
Remember, now is a good time to start building your aircraft (or to continue to build). Getting started building your own aircraft is now even easier than ever. Call Zenith Aircraft to discuss getting started on your own project: 573-581-9000 (Mon – Fri, 8 – 5 Central). The Zenith kit aircraft factory is open for visits by appointment and we continue with in-person activities such as hands-on workshops and demo flights.