Retrotec Factory Tours Tickets Now On Sale!

Following the success to raise nearly £250,000 in just over one year towards completing the fuselage moulds, all thanks to your donations and purchases, we will launching our next campaign Operation Crossbow 2021.

The new campaign is to move onto the next planned phase of RL249’s remanufacture, the fuselage shells.

Each of our fundraising campaigns will be named after operations in which the Mosquito, the icon of our aviation heritage played a major role.

Crossbow was the name given to Anglo-American operations against Germany’s revenge weapons, predominantly the V-1 ‘doodle bomb’ and V-2 rocket. The DH.98 Mosquito with it’s amazing adaptability played it’s part in these operations from May 1943 up to May 1945.

The multi-role capability of the Mossie saw the aircraft support ops in the recon, bombing, strike and intercept roles.

Coming very soon we will be launching our new 2021 campaign and new unique ways you can get involved to say ‘I did that!’

Mossie – 1 vs. V1 – Nil.
Although this Mossie successfully shot down a V1, getting too close was definitely hazardous. But the strength in design of the aircraft once again got this crew home safe.
Retrotec Factory Tour
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Remaining Tickets Up For Grabs!

Come and see the first Mosquito moulds in the UK for over 70 years, come witness the first of the fuselage bulkheads being handbuilt for your Mossie!

We are able to offer tours on Saturday 12th June and Sunday 13th June. 

We primarily offer tickets to our Club Members, but pleased we are now offering tickets for sale to non-club members at a price of £75 (this also includes one year’s Club membership). Due to the expected demand for tickets, there will be a limit of two tickets per person.

In order to comply with current Covid-19 guidelines, the tours will be in groups of 5 with a guide and will last a maximum of one hour. We will require you to provide your own face mask, which must be worn at all times during the tour.
(If you are exempt from wearing a mask please provide proof).

If you would like to attend one of these tours, please click the link below and select your preferred date and time.


We will contact those who have purchased tickets two days before the tours to provide detailed directions to find the factory.

Mosquito Colours

It’s the final few hours of voting to pick the four finalists in our Mosquito colour scheme poll.

All 16 designs are displayed across the 4 weekly heats, and even if you have not voted before, you can go back through the weeks to pick your favourite from each round.

Next week, we will announce the 4 finalists and details on how you can vote in the GRAND FINAL to discover the ultimate winner, based on the most popular scheme with the public.

Make sure you open your upcoming ‘The People’s Mosquito’ newsletters to discover details on the final and how you can take part in deciding the winner.

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Just £5K to go! Help Us Get to that amazing target of £250,000 to close this current campaign! Operation Jericho has been a phenomenal success to fund the fuselage moulds. 

Remember for every £1 donated to Op. Jericho 88p goes into the aircraft build.

You can Donate Regularly For All Our Campaigns!

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