Four steps to cyber resilience

Four steps to cyber resilience with CDS Defence & Security

Business continuity in the face of the changing cyber threat landscape is vital for all organisations in the defence sector. Unexpected or unplanned downtime and loss of important data can cause serious disruptions, but at CDS Defence & Security, our four-stage approach can help you to be operational in the wake of an attack.

How do we do this?

1. Manage and protect
Our team will work with you to identify, assess and manage the risks associated with network and information systems, including those across the supply chain

2. Identify and detect
From penetration testing to vulnerability assessments, we can assess your network and information systems to ensure potential cyber security incidents can be detected before they cause significant damage

3. Respond and recover
Being able to recover from a breach is just as important as protecting against it. Our team can help to implement an incident response management programme to ensure business continuity

4. Govern and assure
The final element is to look at a comprehensive risk management programme, ensuring this is overseen from the top of the organisation to create a culture of cyber security awareness

Regardless of whether your cyber security strategy is fully formed and embedded, or you’re just starting to put one in place, CDS DS can provide insight, advice, support and even experienced cyber personnel to ensure you stay one step ahead of emerging threats.

For more information on how we can help your organisation, visit us on stand H2-358 in the Future Tech Hub at DSEI or visit our website.