Arkyd-6 mission success, and imagery!

We are excited to share that our latest spacecraft has satisfied all of its mission requirements. We launched the Arkyd-6, a 6U CubeSat, this past January. It’s a demonstration platform for technology intended to detect water resources in space. The data obtained from the Arkyd-6 is valuable in the development of the Arkyd-301, Planetary Resources’ next spacecraft platform and the beginning of the company’s space resource exploration program.

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Boeing, German Aerospace Companies Partner for STH Heavy-Lift Helicopter Competition

Business opportunities on the H-47 Chinook include manufacturing, long-term support and training

BERLIN, Germany, April 25, 2018 – Boeing [NYSE: BA] and ten German aerospace companies reached agreements today to partner on a range of business opportunities on the H-47 Chinook, a contender in Germany’s STH heavy-lift helicopter competition.

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The Iberian Flame: Reader Reviewers Wanted!

by BigJules

The Iberian Flame is the next book in the Kydd series, out in June. Five Early Copies will be up for grabs for reader reviewers! For a chance to win one just email with ‘Iberian Flame Reviewer’ in the subject line. Please include your full postal address. Deadline: May 7. The first five drawn out of the hat will be the winning copies and will go out mid-May.

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Vice President Pence Swears in New NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine

Vice President Pence Swears in New NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine

Vice President Mike Pence swears in Jim Bridenstine as the 13th NASA Administrator as Bridenstine's family watches.
Vice President Mike Pence, left, swears in Jim Bridenstine as the 13th NASA Administrator as Bridenstine’s family watches, Monday, April 23, 2018 at NASA Headquarters in Washington.
Credits: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Jim Bridenstine officially took office as the 13th administrator of NASA Monday after he was given the oath of office by Vice President Mike Pence at the agency’s headquarters in Washington.

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Boeing HorizonX Invests in 3D Printing Startup Morf3D

Investment furthers Boeing’s commitment to a competitive ecosystem for aerospace-quality 3D-printed parts

CHICAGO, April 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing [NYSE: BA] announced its investment in Morf3D, an El Segundo, Calif.-based company specializing in metal-based additive engineering and manufacturing. Morf3D’s technology enables lighter and stronger 3D-printed parts for aerospace applications.

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Boeing, Ryanair Announce Order for 25 737 MAX 8s

737MAX; 737MAX-8: TakeOff from Renton Field; 2016-01-29; K66500-01

Additional order takes Ryanair’s 737 MAX order total to 135 airplanes

Europe’s largest low cost-carrier is the launch customer for high capacity MAX 8 variant

DUBLIN, April 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing [NYSE: BA] and Ryanair today announced they finalized an order for 25 additional high-capacity 737 MAX 8 airplanes. The $3 billion order, at current list prices, was previously listed as unidentified on Boeing’s Orders & Deliveries website.

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Fuel tanks and wings for Orion module


  • Title Orion service module fuel tank installation
  • Released 23/04/2018 5:19 pm
  • Copyright Airbus
  • DescriptionFitting the tanks in the European service module that will provide power, water, air and electricity to NASA’s Orion Moon module at the Airbus assembly hall in Bremen, Germany. 

    The large tanks that will provide propellant for the spacecraft are now fitting snuggly inside the spacecraft. The four tanks will each contain about 2000 litres of propellant. In the vacuum of space there is no air to burn so spacecraft fuel tanks include oxidiser and fuel that are mixed to ignite and provide thrust.

    The two sets of tanks are connected by intricate pipelines to 33 engines. Sensors and computers control the system.

    The European service module is a small but complex spacecraft packed with equipment. The large tanks are installed as one of the last components to allow technicians more room to work.

    More on Orion at


23 April 2018

The European service module that will provide power, water, air and electricity to NASA’s Orion Moon module has taken a large step closer to completion with the installation of its fuel tanks and testing of its solar wings.

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International Drone Day (5th May) – Robert Garbett, CEO of Drone Major Group

With International Drone Day (5th May) on the horizon we wanted to get in touch in case you are planning any articles relating to drones, drone applications or the impact of drone technology on the global economy. Numerous reports have detailed the transformational impact of drones, from their uses in freight transportation to search and rescue operations. Significantly, data from the World Intellectual Property Office shows that the number of patents filed for technology related to drones hit a new high of 5,301 in 2016-17, signalling a desire from entrepreneurs and businesses to embrace the technology.

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SA´s BepiColombo takes to the Air.

Airbus-built Mercury-Mission is on its way to Kourou Launch Base

Amsterdam, 23/04/2018 – After years of development the BepiColombo spacecraft which will be heading to Mercury from autumn 2018 has at last taken to the air. On 23 April 2018 the first elements of the BepiColombo hardware were loaded into an Antonov An-124 cargo plane for transport from Amsterdam´s Schiphol Airport to the European Spaceport Kourou in French Guiana. After a fuelling stop in the Azores Islands the Antonov will arrive early on 24 April. This Antonov flight was the first of four flights needed to transport the spacecraft and all handling and test equipment to Kourou. The flights are supported by three transports by ship for further items.

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