Rockwell Collins introduces higher bandwidth aircraft messaging service for A350 XWB operators

To help airlines effectively manage larger data transmissions from the new Airbus A350 XWB aircraft to ground systems, Rockwell Collins has introduced a new, higher bandwidth, cost-efficient messaging service. The offering – ARINC GLOBALink A350 Media Independent Aircraft Messaging (MIAM) service – will launch on Asiana Airlines this month

  • ARINC GLOBALinkSM A350 MIAM service to launch on Asiana Airlines
  • Provides cost-effective means to accommodate large data transmissions on next-generation aircraft

PARIS (June 19, 2017) – To help airlines effectively manage larger data transmissions from the new Airbus A350 XWB aircraft to ground systems, Rockwell Collins has introduced a new, higher bandwidth, cost-efficient messaging service. The offering – ARINC GLOBALinkSM A350 Media Independent Aircraft Messaging (MIAM) service – will launch on Asiana Airlines this month.

The service enables airlines to efficiently send large Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS®) and Internet Protocol (IP) MIAM messages over all available A350 communications paths.

“Next-generation aircraft like the Airbus A350 are transmitting significantly more data to the ground,” said Michael DiGeorge, vice president, Commercial Aviation and Network Services at Rockwell Collins. “This new data, including electronic flight bag, maintenance and aircraft health information, is providing tremendous operational benefits. Our service allows airlines to cost-effectively take advantage of this new protocol, allowing avionics systems to more efficiently exchange larger messages than has been possible in the past.”

“This service allows us to continue relying on ACARS, while taking advantage of higher bandwidth IP communications on our A350 fleet,” said Seok Nam Goh, CIO at Asiana Airlines. “As the industry continues to move toward smart aircraft, this service enables us to cost-effectively manage this transition.”

The Rockwell Collins GLOBALink A350 MIAM service seamlessly converts ACARS MIAM messages to any protocol, allowing interoperability with airline, aircraft and engine manufacturers’ ACARS host and end-systems without requiring any modifications. Using the service, airlines can send IP MIAM data over the cellular, Wi-Fi and broadband SATCOM providers of their choice and reach their intended destination. The GLOBALink service converts A350 IP data to any ground protocol or message format, allowing interoperability with any existing host and end system thereby saving airlines potentially significant investments in new additional ground systems.

“Our position as a major contributor of communications and information management systems on the A350 aircraft, combined with our highly advanced global aviation network serving thousands of users, enables Rockwell Collins to uniquely address each communication domain including aircraft, air-to-ground and ground-to-ground,” continued DiGeorge. “As new IP enabled aircraft are entered into service, this new capability will ensure communications interoperability across an airline’s entire fleet.”

Rockwell Collins is leading the transition to a fully connected aviation ecosystem. The company’s avionics, secure routers, traditional and IP based connectivity links and a global private aviation network securely and reliably connect aircraft to the airline back office, air traffic control, airports, ground handlers and more. These products and services provide enhanced information enabling data analytics for improved decision making, operational efficiency and cost savings.

Rockwell Collins and Airbus introduce first ‘self-reporting’ flight tracking solution

Rockwell Collins and Airbus are introducing the first ‘self-reporting’ flight tracking solution which automatically generates an alerts when an abnormal situation occurs and immediately increases aircraft position reporting to one minute intervals.

  • Automatically generates alerts when an abnormal situation occurs on an aircraft
  • Immediately increases frequency of position reporting data to one minute intervals
  • Will be introduced on A350 XWB and A380 aircraft and as an option for A320 and A330/A340 families

PARIS (June 19, 2017) – In a continued effort to improve the ability to track aircraft globally, Rockwell Collins has teamed with Airbus to introduce a new Onboard Aircraft Tracking solution. The solution monitors aircraft information to detect and alert when abnormal flight situations occur and will come standard on the A350 WXB and A380 and as an option for A320, A330 and A340 aircraft.

The Onboard Aircraft Tracking solution monitors a specific set of aircraft parameters that could indicate a problem with a flight, including such issues as low altitude, low speed, excessive pitch, engine failure and others. If triggered, the aircraft automatically begins to emit aircraft position information at an increased rate. The Onboard Aircraft Tracking function is implemented as an update to the Airline Operational Control (AOC) avionics software and is available for both forward fit and retrofit.

“This solution enables an aircraft to detect specific abnormal conditions and self-report to the airline the moment something occurs,” said David Nieuwsma, senior vice president, Information Management Services for Rockwell Collins. “When every second counts, the ability to automatically and instantaneously identify a possible issue can provide a significant advantage for airline operators interested in tracking their aircraft, particularly when flying over polar or oceanic regions.”

The Onboard Aircraft Tracking solution is designed to meet IATA’s Aircraft Tracking Task Force (ATTF) and concept of operations of ICAO’s Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS) standards for aircraft tracking which call for aircraft identification at least every 15 minutes during “normal operations” and at least every one minute during “abnormal operations.” Once the Onboard Aircraft Tracking solution sends an alert to the ground, the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) position reporting frequency increases to meet the one minute interval recommendation.

Rotorcraft Asia-Pacific e-news – Special safety event advisory

Rotorcraft Asia-Pacific e-news

Special safety event advisory


We are a free newsletter supporting Australian and Asia-Pacific drone and helicopter industries.


Helicopter operator’s safety alert. We have just become aware of a safety program that has become available, once again, in Australia. We have decided to help the event organisers by advising our readers of the venues for the highly respected one day course, CRM & Flying in the Wire Environment, by US based Bob Freest.


Bob established Utilities Aviation Specialities (USA) in 1985. With over 40 years of experience in the aviation industry, he also understands the utility industry having been a journeyman lineman and manager for a utility flight department. He is a commercial pilot, rated in both fixed wing and rotary. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Purdue University and holds a Masters’ Degrees in Aviation Business Management and in Aviation/Aerospace Operations from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Bob has developed the company into a dedicated team of professionals that has made Utilities Aviation Specialists the industry leader in aviation safety and consulting that it is today.


UAS Australian agent, Lyn Sims, recently contacted us and stated:


Please advise operators and past clients time is running to register for the 2017 courses. Bob only comes to Australia once each year. We are running a series of his internationally acclaimed “CRM in the Wire & Obstruction Environment” training sessions. These are fundamental for low level operations; especially to those working in or around the wire environment.


Subject confirmation – proposed 2017 venues are:


  • Mon 31 July – Sydney.
  • Wed 2 August – Canberra.
  • Tue 4 August – Brisbane – Airways Aviation, Hendra .
  • Tue 8 August – Townsville.
  • Fri 11 August  – Melbourne.


Attached is a Registration Form (Attachment “Flying in wire environment.pdf”) with dates and prices. As always, we are offering group bookings. Please pass this on to anyone you think would benefit from this training and contact me ASAP if you would like to attend. Some venues may be subject to minimum numbers.


For more information, call Lyn on 0419 204 932 or email or

Detailed course information is at website


Lynette Sims, General Manager,

Utilities/Aviation Specialists Inc.


Australian Phone: 0419 204 932



Drone operators – 2020 to 2030 and beyond. We have also attached the Preliminary Program for the Future of Transportation World Conference, held 5-6 July 2017 at Cologne, Germany. This with conference has eight information streams and over 160 speakers. Live technology will be demonstrated plus major companies have offered representatives to speak with the public about this new technology.


For those who are having trouble keeping up with the world of robotics associated with transport, (such as myself), you will find fascinating information about the wide range of developments underway in all of transport. The number of large global companies investing huge amount of R & D dollars is staggering.


We will endeavour to keep you informed of the outcomes of this amazing conference. You will note some major corporate exhibitors are investing enormous resources developing the robotic technology upon which drone developments are based.


No doubt if you are young and into the latest technology, you may possibly see a business opportunity emerging in the not too distant future.


We live in fast moving and exciting times – enjoy! (Don’t blink).


Kindest regards,


Rob Rich

CEO and Editor,

Rotorcraft Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd

Proudly publishing

‘Rotorcraft Asia-Pacific e-news’

PO Box 462

Carina Qld 4152 Australia

T: +61 (0) 415 641 774


Boeing, United Airlines Announce Order for 100 737 MAX 10s

777 assembly line


United will also add four new 777-300ERs to its fleet

LE BOURGET, France, June 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing [NYSE: BA] and United Airlines [NYSE: UAL] today announced an agreement at the 2017 Paris Air Show to convert 100 of its current 737 MAX orders into 737 MAX 10s, becoming the largest single 737 MAX 10 customer in the world.

United also announced an order for four additional 777-300ER aircraft.

“The 737 MAX 10 will enable us to continue using larger and more efficient aircraft within our domestic network and better meet the needs of our customers today and into the future,” said Andrew Levy, United Airlines executive vice president and chief financial officer.

“The addition of this advanced aircraft to our fleet will enable us to continue to offer the state-of-the-art flying experience our customers expect when traveling with us,” said Gerry Laderman, United Airlines senior vice president of finance, procurement and treasurer.

United expects to begin taking delivery of the 737 MAX 10 in late 2020.

United has flown nearly every version of the 737 that Boeing has produced. The new 737 MAX 10 will add to that legacy, providing United with another in a long line of highly successful aircraft.

“We’re excited that our long partnership with United will extend far into the future,” said Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Kevin McAllister. “The 737 MAX 10 will provide even more flexibility to United’s route schedule and will bring to their operation the best economics of any airplane in the single-aisle segment. We’re proud that United’s 777-300ER fleet continues to grow.”

United has now ordered a total of 18 777-300ERs and began taking delivery of the aircraft last year. The 777-300ERs feature the airline’s all-new United Polaris business class, featuring custom-designed, exclusive-to-United seats, an elevated dining experience, new custom bedding from Saks Fifth Avenue and new amenity kits.

Like all of Boeing’s 737 MAX models, the MAX 10 incorporates the latest technology CFM International LEAP-1B engines, Advanced Technology winglets, the Boeing Sky Interior, large flight deck displays, and other improvements to deliver superior efficiency, reliability and passenger comfort in the single-aisle market.

The 737 MAX is the fastest-selling airplane in Boeing history.

Boeing, TUI Group Announce Selection of 18 737 MAX 10s

3D imagery, 737 MAX, MAX, 737 MAX 7, 737 MAX8, 737 MAX 9

TUI Group is the first European operator to select the 737 MAX 10

737 MAX 10 is largest member of 737 family and is the most profitable single-aisle airplane

Aircraft offers substantial fuel efficiency and incorporates the latest technology

LE BOURGET, France, June 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing (NYSE: BA) and TUI Group, the world’s number one tourism business, today announced its selection of 18 737 MAX 10s at the 2017 Paris Air Show. TUI Group already had 70 unfilled orders for the 737 MAX and will convert 18 of these existing orders to the 737 MAX 10. The leisure group is the first European operator to select the latest member of the 737 MAX family of airplanes.

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Boeing, Tibet Financial Leasing Announce Commitment for 20 737 MAX Airplanes

Lessor chooses Boeing to launch aviation leasing business, joins 737 MAX 10 launch customer group

LE BOURGET, France, June 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing [NYSE:BA] and Tibet Financial Leasing today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for 20 737 MAX airplanes at the 2017 Paris Air Show. The airplanes, including 737 MAX 10 and 737 MAX 8 airplanes, are valued at approximately $2.5 billion at current list prices.

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Boeing, SpiceJet Announce Commitment for 40 737 MAX airplanes

737Max-8; Rendering for Spice Jet; India;; K66612; View from Right side of plane; Over fields; air to air;

Agreement includes 20 new 737 MAX 10s, 20 conversions to 737 MAX 10s from airline’s existing 737 MAX 8 order book

SpiceJet joins 737 MAX 10 launch customer group

LE BOURGET, France, June 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing [NYSE:BA] and SpiceJet today signed a memorandum of understanding for 40 737 MAX airplanes. The agreement, valued at $4.7 billion at current list prices, is split evenly between 20 new orders for the 737 MAX 10 and conversions of 20 of the low-cost carrier’s 737 MAX 8 airplanes from its existing order to 737 MAX 10s.

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Boeing, Okay Airways Announce Order for 15 737 MAX Airplanes

All-Boeing operator also commits to five 787 Dreamliners to grow fleet with first widebody airplanes

Airline to be one of 737 MAX 10 launch customers

LE BOURGET, France, June 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Boeing [NYSE:BA] and Okay Airways announced today an order for 15 737 MAX airplanes, valued at $1.8 billion at current list prices.

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