Seizing the Enigma, The Race To Break The German U-Boa Codes, 1939-1943


This is a revised edition of the outstanding and most complete account of cryptography and the Enigma machine. There have been claims that the work of code breakers shortened the war by two years, but it can be argued that it first avoided defeat and then made victory possible – Most Highly Recommended.

Secret Naval Investigator, The Battle Against Hitler’s Secret Underwater Weapons


The author died in 1989, aged 90, but fortunately he took the time to write this enthralling account of one of the least told important stories of WWII. The Royal Navy attracted a wide range of very different individuals to the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve in the months before the outbreak of WWII. The author was a barrister who became a specialist in investigating German underwater weapons and neutralizing them – Very Highly Recommended.

The British Pacific Fleet, The Royal Navy’s Most Powerful Strike Force


The author followed a career in the Royal Navy with a period at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, as curator, before making a new career in writing about naval history. The Royal Navy assembled a Task Force that was sent to the Pacific at the ending of war in Europe. – Very Highly Recommended.

Pebble Island, The Falklands War 1982


This revised anniversary edition is a very welcome edition, packed with insight and images. The Royal Navy assembled a Task Force in double quick time, sailed 8,000 miles and gave the Argentine bandits a drubbing – classic Empire Strikes Back. – Very Highly Recommended.

Gatwick installs 2000 indoor navigation beacons enabling augmented reality wayfinding – a world first for an airport

  • New technology forms part of Gatwick’s £2.5 billion transformation programme
  • System to make it easier for passengers to find their way around the airport and avoid missing flights
  • Battery powered beacons reduced costs and complexity and were deployed in just three weeks

Around 2000 beacons have been installed across Gatwick Airport’s two terminals providing an indoor navigation system that is much more reliable than GPS and that enables augmented reality wayfinding for passengers – a world first for an airport.

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Only eight ships in FY2018 Navy shipbuilding budget; First European Built LNG Bunkering Tanker Named

Only eight ships in FY2018 Navy shipbuilding budget
May 24, 2017 — If you thought the Trump Administration would kickstart the path to a 355 ship Navy in its FY 2018 budget submission, think again. Though the overall Navy budget is up, this year’s shipbuilding request actually asks for fewer ships than were funded for FY 2017. Notably, just one LCS is requested. How all this fits with keeping those “hot production lines” at shipyards remains to be seen.

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Rockwell Collins brings latest “Made in Canada” communications solutions, announces new contract with the Canadian Army at CANSEC 2017


Rockwell Collins brings latest Made in Canada communications, announces new contract with the Canadian Army at CANSEC 2017

OTTAWA, Ontario (May 24, 2017) – Next week at CANSEC 2017, Rockwell Collins will offer industry partners and customers the opportunity to learn about the latest Canadian-made communications and networking solutions at the E.Y. Centre in Ottawa, from May 31 – June 1. In addition, the company will announce its latest contract win with the Canadian Army, featuring the adaptation of an Android-based tablet for a military communications solution.

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Boeing, DARPA to Design, Build, Test New Experimental Spaceplane

Phantom Express is envisioned as a highly autonomous experimental spaceplane, shown preparing for launch in this artist’s concept. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is collaborating with Boeing to fund development of the Experimental Spaceplane (XS-1) program. Once Phantom Express reaches the edge of space, it would deploy the second stage and return to Earth. It would then land on a runway to be prepared for its next flight by applying operation and maintenance principles similar to modern aircraft. (Boeing rendering)

Phantom Express aims to enable faster, more affordable small satellite launches

ARLINGTON, Va., May 24, 2017 – Boeing [NYSE: BA] and the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are collaborating to design, build and test a technology demonstration vehicle for the Experimental Spaceplane (XS-1) program.

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Leonardo: Centaurium Aviation Ltd. takes delivery of its GrandNew helicopter in Switzerland


 The GrandNew will be operated by Mountainflyers for heli taxi duties establishing Bern Airport’s first twin engine VIP helicopter service
 Over 20 VIP helicopters of Leonardo are in service in Switzerland today as the company maintains a 50% share of the global multiengine VIP market
 About 370 Grand/GrandNew helicopters have been ordered by nearly 230 customers in around 40 countries around the world to date
Geneva, 23 May 2017 – Leonardo announced today that Centaurium Aviation Ltd. of Switzerland has taken delivery of its AgustaWestland GrandNew light twin engine helicopter. The handover was celebrated during an official ceremony held at EBACE 2017 in Geneva.

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