From Warsaw to Rome, General Anders’ Exiled Polish Army in the Second World War


The story of the Polish II Corps has never been adequately told before but the author has followed the story from the invasion of Poland by Russia and Germany, the imprisonment of Polish soldiers by the Soviets, the efforts by the Allies free them when the Soviets were invaded by Hitler, their service in Italy and the neglect of their interests at the end of the war. – Highly Recommended.

With The Gurkhas in the Falklands, A War Journal


The author was a light infantry officer, seconded to the Gurkha Battalion a month before the Argentine bandits invaded the Falklands. – The Gurkas are one of the finest infantry units in the world and are a highly valued component of the British Army – Most Highly Recommended.

Operation Banner, The British Army in Northern Ireland, 1969-2007


This is perhaps the first comprehensive review of the military involvements in Northern Ireland by the British Army. – The author has set the historical scene and then provided a compelling account of the series of actions that were required under the overall operation in Ulster – Highly Recommended.

Cold War 1945-1991, Lebanon, Levantine Calvary, 1958-1990


The wars of the 19th Century have spilled over into the 20th and 21st Centuries and this new series is proving an illuminating study of the Cold War. – The author has considerable experience of war in the Arab-Israeli conflicts, from several sides – Highly Recommended.

The Counter Insurgency Manual


The author, an expert in counter terrorism, has produced a very easy to follow guide to the subject with good supporting illustration. – Terrorism and associated criminal activity has dominated the period since the end of WWII and this manual-style review is very timely– Highly Recommended.

U-Boats Beyond Biscay, Donitz Looks To New Horizons


The author, a former merchant marine captain with forty years experience, has developed a second career as a successful naval historian. – The tonnage of U-Boat books must rival a months sinkings in WWII, but here is a book that provides fresh insight into one of the least reviewed aspects of the U-Boat war – Highly Recommended.

Images of War Special, The Panzer IV, Hitler’s Rock

A valuable addition to a very popular series. – This reviewer wonders about the addition of ‘special’ to some books in the Images of War Series, because they are all special. However this book is well up to standard for the series – Highly Recommended.

Chemring Countermeasures USA, has been awarded a US$28 million contract by the US Army

Chemring Group PLC is pleased to announce that its US based subsidiary, Chemring Countermeasures USA, has been awarded a US$28 million contract by the US Army Garrison at Rock Island Arsenal. This award, which is part of a multi-year option contract in support of the US Army and Air Force, is for the manufacture and delivery of M206, MJU-7A/B and MJU-10/B infra-red decoy flares. Deliveries against this contract will be made in FY17 and FY18, with all work being performed at the Kilgore Flares facility, in Toone, Tennessee.

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