Success of the Second Touchdown of Asteroid Explorer “Hayabusa 2”

July 11, 2019 (JST)

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) performed a series of 
operations for the second touchdown of Asteroid Explorer "Hayabusa2" 
on the Ryugu asteroid and the collection of its soil samples.

From the data sent from Hayabusa2, it has been confirmed that the 
touchdown sequence, including the discharge of a projectile for 
sampling, was completed successfully. Hayabusa2 is functioning 
normally, and thus the second touchdown ended with success.

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NASA, NOAA Invite Media to Preview Study of Fires’ Impact on US Air Quality

NASA, NOAA Invite Media to Preview Study of Fires’ Impact on US Air Quality

A major new airborne science field campaign begins this month to look at the impacts that smoke from wildfires in the western US
A major new airborne science field campaign begins this month to look at the impacts that smoke from wildfires in the western U.S. and agricultural fires in the southern U.S. have on air quality, public health, and climate.
Credits: USGS/NASA

Media are invited to a behind-the-scenes tour of a joint field campaign led by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to study the impacts of U.S. wildfires and agricultural fires on air quality and climate. The media event will take place Tuesday, July 23 in Boise, Idaho.

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Bombardier Notches Order for First Performance-Leading Global 5500 Jet to be Based on the U.S. West Coast

  • Van Nuys-based Jet Transactions supported undisclosed West Coast launch customer in selecting the aircraft for its exceptional performance and unrivaled cabin comfort
  • Additional range and efficiency of the Global 5500 jet ensures non-stop missions from London to West Coast U.S.
  • The Global 5500 features a newly optimized wing, an all-new engine and a redesigned cabin including Bombardier’s patented Nuage seating, delivering unmatched total performance and the smoothest ride

MONTREAL, July 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bombardier is pleased to announce it has secured the first order for a Global 5500 aircraft to be operated from the West Coast of the United States. This transaction is valued at $46 million U.S., according to current list prices.

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U.S. Federal Agency Validates And Approves DJI’s High-Security Solution For Government Drone Programs

DJI Europe – Jul 09, 2019 14:00 BST

Department of the Interior Completes Independent 15-Month Testing of DJI Government Edition Solution Using Mavic Pro and Matrice 600 Pro Drones

DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, is pleased to announce that its high-security solution for government drone programs, Government Edition, has received independent validation from the U.S. Department of the Interior. The approval was received after a more than 15-month rigorous assessment of the flight, payload, and data management assurance performance of DJI Matrice 600 Pro and Mavic Pro drones equipped with Government Edition firmware and software.


“The Department of Interior’s report validates DJI’s effort to build software and hardware solutions that meet the evolving data security needs of its customers,” said Mario Rebello, Vice President and Regional Manager of North America at DJI. “The DOI has a strong track record of leadership within the U.S. Government for its ability to pragmatically evaluate and implement drone technology for use across a wide variety of applications. We appreciate their partnership and value the collaborative effort to help create a DJI drone solution that will allow emergency first responders and others to save lives and effectively manage our public lands. We look forward to continuing to support the Department of Interior and other federal agencies with DJI’s industry-leading drone technology.”

The DOI’s findings were presented in a flight test and technical evaluation report issued last week[1]. Key findings of the report included:

  • 1.DOI has been working with DJI for over two years to create a solution that would allow its bureaus access to DJI’s high-quality off-the-shelf hardware equipped with custom firmware and software to prevent intentional or unintentional data leakage to any outside entities.
  • 2.Testing of the Government Edition solution began in April of 2018 as part of the three-phase testing plan developed by DOI.
  • 3.Testing included 1,133 flights totaling 298 hours on the DJI Matrice 600 Pro and 1,112 flights totaling 240 hours for the DJI Mavic Pro drones.
  • 4.DOI collaborated with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Kennedy Space Center as well as other industry and federal partners with expertise in data management assurance testing to conduct targeted assessments of Government Edition hardware, firmware, and software.
  • 5.During testing there was no indication that data was being transmitted outside the system, confirming that they were operating as promised by DJI.

While DJI customers have full control over how the data they generate with drones is collected, stored and transmitted, Government Edition’s unique architecture ensures that drone data – including photos and videos captured during flight – can never be intentionally or accidentally shared with unauthorized parties.The solution is based on DJI’s industry-leading drone hardware and is controlled by custom device firmware and operational software in a unique architecture that supports high data security requirements:

  • No Data Transmission – A permanently enabled Local Data Mode within the custom DJI Pilot application prevents users from accidentally or even intentionally transferring data from the mobile application over the internet to third parties or to DJI.
  • Firmware Reviews – Government agency aviation and IT departments can review firmware updates in electronic isolation before applying them to their fleets, and have full control over how to validate them and when to install them on DJI drones.
  • Restricted Hardware Pairing – Drones and remote controllers running Government Edition solution firmware can only be linked with each other and are not compatible with other off-the-shelf DJI products, preventing the use of unsecure hardware and unauthorized third-party applications.

The Government Edition solution as validated by the DOI, referred to as Government Edition v1.0[2], for DJI Matrice 600 Pro and DJI Mavic Pro drones is available for purchase through select authorized DJI Enterprise resellers in the United States. For more information on all the new features and capabilities of Government Edition, please visit

[1] Source: Department of the Interior, Flight Test and Technical Evaluation Report, July 2, 2019:

[2]The specific software versions for Government Edition v1.0 as deployed by the DOI are DJI Pilot App version 1.3 19743, DJI Assistant 2 GE Version 9-5

DJI is a global leader in developing and manufacturing civilian drones and aerial imaging technology for personal and professional use. DJI was founded and is run by people with a passion for remote-controlled helicopters and experts in flight-control technology and camera stabilization. The company is dedicated to making aerial photography and filmmaking equipment and platforms more accessible, reliable and easier to use for creators and innovators around the world. DJI’s global operations currently span across the Americas, Europe and Asia, and its revolutionary products and solutions have been chosen by customers in over 100 countries for applications in filmmaking, construction, emergency response, agriculture, conservation and many other industries.

Satellite IoT market to reach $5.9bn by 2025, 30.3mn devices

Analyst firm finds that initial market growth will not take away from LPWAN market, but competition will get hostile in the later part of the forecast period

BRISTOL, UK –(Jul 9, 2019)– The global market for IoT-focused satellite services, focused on end-device connectivity hardware and the annual connectivity fees charged, will grow to $5.9bn in 2025, after taking off in the 2021-2022 period. Incumbent satellite providers will be pressured by a new wave of startups that are leveraging the recent advances in smaller satellite technologies, but many of these new entrants are going to strike out or be absorbed by their larger and entrenched rivals.

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