Law and War, Magistrates in The Great War


The publisher has a fine tradition of publishing books on topics that are much under-reviewed. The author has provided a very rare glimpse into the work of Magistrates during the Great War. An original and fascinating account in the effects of total global war on society at home.

Coming Down In The Drink, The Survival of Bomber ‘Goldfish’ John Brennan DFC


With the number of WWII veterans rapidly shrinking, this is another very welcome account based on the experiences of one who was there. The author has provided an absorbing story from interviews with John Brennan DFC. Highly Recommended.

VC10 Icon of the Skies, BOAC, Boeing and a Jet Age Battle


British flag carrier BOAC, later BA, effectively and deliberately sabotaged the commercial success of the VC10 because it wanted to buy Boeing airliners. The author has provided an excellent account of the political battles and the commercial skulduggery, the impressive service of the VC10s with those airlines that had the wisdom to buy it, and its outstanding service as a transport and tanker with the RAF. Much Recommended.

Gloster Javelin, an operational history


The Gloster Javelin was a much under-rated aircraft that has received less then its fair share of books. This book covers the Javelin’s service career comprehensively and will probably long be the definitive account of a fighter that was significant and important to the RAF, if not for its direct service but as it role in preparing for the next generations. A must read for aviation enthusiasts.

Cold War Jet Combat, Air-to-Air Jet Fighter Operations 1950-1972


Always a pleasure to review a book by this author, who is building a formidable portfolio of aviation titles. This book covers a period of aviation that has seen enormous changes but strangely been under-reported. Here is a book to correct this. Most Highly Recommended.

Instruments of Darkness, The History of Electronic Warfare 1939-1945READ THE FULL REVIEW For six years, Britain and Germany fought a bitter aerial war at huge cost in terms of lives lost and aircraft shot down. This book traces effectively the largely hidden battle in the first widespread use of electronic warfare. Supported by some excellent images. Most Highly Recommended.

Night Duel Over Germany, Bomber Command’s Battle Over The Reich During WWII


For six years, Bomber Command waged a strategic war over Germany at huge cost in terms of lives lost and aircraft shot down. The author, a former Phantom and Tornado navigator has written a well-researched book that captures the enormous bravery of RAF aircrew and the bitter battle fought nightly over Germany between bombers and night fighters. Most Highly Recommended.

Century and was highly influential as a fencing treatise. It includes clear text that is supported by a host of well-drawn illustrations. The editing has been careful and makes the annotated text fully accessible to the modern reader.


First published in 1763, this new carefully edited edition contains many illustrations. Essential reading for all historical swordfighters and students of martial arts and military history, much recommended.

Experience is key as Team Oman Air prepare for Extreme Sailing Series round two

The Extreme Sailing Series 2017. Pictures of the Oman Air race team in action during practise racing. Skipper Phil Robertson (NZL) Peter Greenhalgh (GBR), Nasser Al Mashari (OMA), Ed Smyth (NZL) and James Wierzbowski (AUS)
Credit – Lloyd Images

Team Oman Air skipper Phil Robertson says his crew’s unrivalled experience could prove vital to victory in the second round of the Extreme Sailing Series as the fleet heads to the famously tricky waters of Qingdao, China.

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