Alicorn comment – SpaceTech – Investor caution lies in misperception on returns

Comment on SpaceTech Investment from Alexander Assim, Principle of Alicorn. Alicorn is a global venture capital firm established by the B Corporation accredited investment group Arowana.

“Investors are still erring on the side of caution when it comes to SpaceTech, mostly due to a misperception that they must wait till to ‘blast off’ to gain the desired returns. The distinction between commercialisation or mass adoption of SpaceTech and the realisation of an investment, are two very different beasts. The market is capable of moving at light speed when there is wide market agreement on what a company or sector’s potential will be, rather than what is today.  


Investment opportunities in the SpaceTech sector are increasing. Virgin Galactic listed back in 2019 and has already proven that there’s investment opportunities prior to launch day, Seraphim Space Investment Trust listed in the UK last week and was oversubscribed, highlighting that the appetite is growing for the sector and SpaceX won’t be far behind. There is an entire industry to come, and probably all before Elon lands a cargo mission on Mars.”