Multi-Platform 3D LiDAR Unveiled | Heavy-Lift Cargo Drone Demonstrated

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Heavy-Lift Cargo Drone Completes Flight Tests
Heavy-Lift Cargo Drone Completes Flight Tests
UAVOS has completed a series of flight demonstrations of its converted UVH-500 unmanned helicopter. During the demonstrations the UAV dropped cargo of 100 kg (220 lbs) at specified locations and demonstrated its ability to operate day and night, and in adverse weather conditions.
July 16 | Air

ROV Developed for Underwater Inspections
July 14 | Marine
Bathymetric Mapping & Imaging LiDAR Unveiled
July 15 | Tech
Multi-Platform 3D LiDAR Survey Conducted for Smart Cities
Long Range Remote Control for Heavy Equipment
Dynautics Supports USV Remote Operation Centre
Royal Navy Tests Remotely-Piloted Systems in Man Overboard Trials
Voyis Develops Underwater Laser Scanners & Cameras for AUVs & ROVs
Arm-based Edge AI Computing System Launched for Intelligent Surveillance
Schiebel Provides Unmanned Eye in the Sky
Successful Test Fight of Skyborg Autonomy Core System
Autonomous Control Systems
New Prototype Long Range UAS Completes First Flight
Unmanned Systems News
Article: How to Improve Precision & Pointcloud Accuracy
Oxford Technical Solutions has released an article discussing the important points for obtaining survey and pointcloud accuracy from a surveyor’s perspective. It assesses modern surveying technology and discusses ways to combat errors in point positions. Read more >

Whitepaper: Dual-Antenna + RTK vs Single-Antenna
Parker LORD MicroStrain Sensing has released a whitepaper highlighting four evolutionary improvements delivered by the new 3DMGQ7-GNSS/INS, and takes a look specifically at Dual Antenna + RTK vs Single-Antenna. Learn more >

Case Study: ADS-B Inert and Alert for UAS Revisited
uAvionix revisits the whitepaper “Inert and Alert: Intelligent ADS-B for UAS NAS Integration: Concept of Operations” to discuss ADS-B with regards to surveillance vs safety and the benefits of Inert and Alert (I&A) for Unmanned Aerial Systems. Read case study >

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