Views from the Zenith Homecoming

Thank you to everyone who visited, participated and helped out at the 30th annual Zenith Homecoming this past Friday and Saturday! We had a fantastic event with two full days of educational and fun activities at the Zenith kit factory. Check out the many photos of the various activities. We’ll continue to post more photos and videos in the coming weeks.

Check out this virtual walk-through tour of the Zenith Homecoming! STOL CH 750 Super Duty builder Adam Andrews walked through the Zenith kit aircraft factory and then along the flight line early on Saturday to take these amazing 360-degree photos. Adam is documenting his entire kit build project on his YouTube channel.
The STOL (short take-off and landing) flying demonstrations on Saturday with high-wing Zenith STOL performers was a popular event! Great weather on both days allowed for outdoor socializing and dining. The Zenith banquet on Friday evening included a tribute to designer Chris Heintz (presented by William Wynne). Saturday morning’s pancake breakfast was sponsored by Kitplanes magazine and Avemco aviation insurance, and the delicious fried chicken dinner on Saturday was sponsored by Aircraft Spruce & Specialty.
Dozens of Zenith aircraft flew in to the Homecoming event from across the country, with an excellent representation of the many Zenith kit airplanes flying today, with various customizations (engines, avionics, paint schemes and more!)
Visitors toured the modern Zenith Aircraft kit production facilities to see and to learn how the all-metal kit parts are fabricated, while Zenith Aircraft staff and volunteers demonstrated the ease of the kit assembly with modern final hole size match-drilled parts. The strong Zenith community of builders and owners have contributed to make Zenith the number one brand of light sport aircraft in the United States (based on actual FAA registrations). Visitors also took part in educational seminars and workshops in the factory, available to both existing Zenith builders and flyers, as well as enthusiasts and new Zenith builders.
Select suppliers and vendors participated at the event once again, to meet with new and existing Zenith aircraft builders, owners and pilots, and to share technical information about their services and products:
We thank the vendors and sponsors who participated and who provided fantastic prizes to Zenith builders, owners and pilots!
Zenith Homecoming T-Shirts. We still have a few t-shirts available to commemorate the 2021 Zenith Homecoming. These are super soft and comfortable cotton t-shirts “not made in China” of U.S. components. Order yours now before they’re all gone! Call Joyce or Kaitlyn to order: 573-581-9000
“We wholeheartedly thank everyone who was a part of the 2021 Zenith Homecoming this past Friday and Saturday!” stated Sebastien Heintz, president of Zenith Aircraft Company. “Thank you to the Zenith staff, participating vendors and sponsors, volunteers, and to everyone who visited, especially those of you who flew in with your Zenith. What a great tribute to Chris Heintz!”
Plan now to join us again next year! Save the date: September 16 & 17, 2022
If you didn’t make it to the Zenith Homecoming, keep in mind that the Zenith Aircraft kit factory is open for visits by appointment and demo flights are available at the factory.
Follow-up: Here are a couple short videos from Jon Humberd and his “Super 701” from Sunday and Monday. Jon flew in his versatile Zenith STOL to the Zenith Homecoming cross-country from his home in eastern Tennessee more than 500 miles each way:
Build It. Fly It!
Building your very own Zenith aircraft is easier than ever: Get a head start by attending a Zenith Aircraft hands-on workshop at the kit manufacturing factory in Mexico, Missouri, and learn all about the skills and tools needed to build your own. Plan now to join us at the next workshop, schedule for October 7th & 8th.
Zenith Aircraft Company’s factory workshops are popular with sport aviation enthusiasts, giving them the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in building their own Zenith Aircraft kit plane. Participants get to actually start assembling kit parts under the direction and guidance of factory professionals, and “graduate” from the workshop upon completing construction of their own aircraft rudder tail section for one of Zenith Aircraft Company’s popular kit aircraft designs, including the high-wing Zenith CH 750 series or the sleek low-wing Zenith CH 650 cruiser.
The in-person factory workshop makes an excellent getaway for you and your spouse or a friend! Spend a couple of days at the Zenith Aircraft factory and meet with fellow aviation enthusiasts – all while gaining valuable hands-on building skills. A demo flight is part of the factory workshop experience in a Zenith factory demo airplane!