Autumn Update

24th October 2021

Autumn Update

Entering into the autumn and winter seasons we wanted to share with you an update. We completed our last airshow at the end of September at RAF Coningsby. A return to meeting you and seeing historic aircraft flying was brilliant, we recorded excellent sales and new members joining the project. Sales of merchandise have also been strong.

The project is approaching a major milestone of total funds raised and banked! We do not record pledges. More on this soon.

In addition we have seen our push for regular monthly donations rise from 3 figures at the beginning of 2021 to now a healthy growing 4 figure sum.

Why is this important? Because with a regular income we can budget to put 2, 3 or 4 craftsmen and engineers full-time on the project. We cannot emphasise how setting up a regular monthly payment, if only £5 per month helps progress.

 Regular Company Donation

Thank you to the several owners of companies who have come forward to also make donations, and a regular payment. This is a tax effective way for your business to contribute, and if this interests you please click here.

In recent weeks we have been accruing all donations, profits from sales and regular donations to create a budget for Retrotec focus on adding finishing touches to the moulds and forward bulkheads. So watch this space as we share more engineering magic you love to see exclusively.

What are those parts?

However, engineering progress has not stalled. The main picture is work we are doing for replacement on bakelite parts. Can you guess what these are for? Drop me a line here if you know?

In addition work has almost completed on all the cockpit boxes, and we are working to put together a display of the cockpit to show you at events and airshows next year!

The Fawley Show

In addition, this week we received a cheque for £500 from the team of The Fawley Show, Southampton. Who kindly donated a share of profits from this event. In return, Finance Director Alan Pickford of behalf of our team presented the organisers with our Operation Crossbow certificate.

The team will be working on a cockpit display over the winter, using the new made parts from Retrotec.
Virgin Money Giving Important Update
Thank you for all your emails and contact expressing concerns that VMG is due to close at the end of November.

Please be assured we DO have a plan in place to switch to a new service, and we look to announce this very soon.

Meanwhile, please continue to donate via the VMG platform, we will receive your donation.

Mosquito navigator, Flight Lieutenant Desmond Curtis DFC, to attend presentation evening in Ferndown, Dorset this Thursday 28th October 2021 at ‘The Barrington Theatre’, Poole

Des will be the guest speaker, alongside Alan Pickford Finance Director TPM, at a special presentation evening that will not only talk about ambitious plans to return a Mosquito aircraft to the skies above Britain but will focus on some of his exploits during WWII.

Des was a navigator in 618 Squadron, practicing to use the highball bouncing bomb against targets like the Tirpitz. Then later was in 248 Squadron flying the Mosquito Mk.XVIII ‘Tsetse’ with its 57mm anti-tank gun engaged in low-level strike operations against U-boat targets in the Bay of Biscay.

Tickets ARE FREE, but donations are requested on the door, with
proceeds going to “Operation Crossbow”.


There are limited seats still available and need to be reserved in advance by emailing with your details and number of tickets required.

Mosquito MK.XVIII ‘Tsetse’ armed with 1 x 57mm / 6 pdr. anti-tank weapon, carrying 22 shells of this devastating weapon. In addition 2 or 4 .303 browning machine guns. Some crews elected to fit only 2 browning’s to hold more ammunition with tracer rounds to enable to engage their target.

Bulkhead No.3 – before the ply skin is applied.
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More & more of you are signing up for a small monthly payment. We now have several hundred paying from £3 a month to support. With regular income we can guarantee progress. Click on any of the links and go to the regular donations section.

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