GPS Anti-Jam Products Unveiled | New Subsea Positioning Tech

Drone Racing Partnership to Develop the Sport’s Future Pilots
Drone Racing Partnership to Develop the Sport’s Future Pilots
In this article, the team at Warren Community College, New Jersey explain how partnering with the Drone Zone team to host a drone racing competition has led the college to now offer interested students on their Unmanned Systems Training Program additional training to become racers.
October 8 | Air

New BVLOS UAV Includes Detect & Avoid Solution
October 7 | Air
Upgraded Inertial Sensors Released for Marine Applications
October 6 | Tech
Subsea Positioning Technology for Deep-Water Construction
New GPS Anti-Jam Technology with Enhanced GNSS Tracking
Drone Fleet Command via Web Browser & 5G
New Range of Underwater ROV Tools Under Development
Interoperability for Multi-Domain Robotic Vehicles
SOSA-Aligned Rugged Graphics & GPGPU Card Launched
Multiplexer for Underwater HD Video & Multibeam Sonar Data
Royal Netherlands Navy Acquires ASW Training Targets
New Multi-Mission Radar for Early UAV Detection & Ground Surveillance
Increasing Drone Flight Time and Lift Capacity
Tyto Robotics has released an article detailing an optimization process for extending the flight time and lift capacity of UAVs. The article focuses on multirotor drone platforms, however many of the concepts presented also apply to fixed-wing aircraft. Read article >

North American Monsoon Research with UAS
This case study highlights how Anemoment‘s TriSonica Mini wind and weather sensor has been used by researchers at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to study North American monsoon events.  View case study >

Webinar: New Long-Range Drone LiDAR System
Microdrones has announced a special webinar presentation on its new mdLIDAR1000LR, a drone-based LiDAR system designed to enable professionals to collect data from a longer range and cover more area per flight.  Register for webinar >

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