Land shifts in Italy

Italy earthquake displacement node full image 2

Title Italy earthquake displacement
Released 26/08/2016 5:31 pm
Copyright Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2016)/ESA/ CNR-IREA

Combining two Sentinel-1 radar scans from 20 August (Sentinel-1B) and 26 August 2016 (Sentinel-1A), this interferogram shows changes that occurred during the 24 August earthquake that struck central Italy.

The seven interferometric ‘fringes’ correspond to about 20 cm of surface deformation in the radar sensor line of sight. Each fringe (which is associated to a colour cycle) corresponds to approximately 2.8 cm of displacement.

Although Sentinel-1 has a swath width of 250 km over land surfaces, its pass over Italy on 26 August did not cover the entire area affected. Another acquisition planned for 27 August will cover the entire earthquake zone.
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General Dynamics NASSCO to Build Two Container Ships for Matson


SAN DIEGO, Aug. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — General Dynamics NASSCO, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), announced today it has signed a contract with Matson Navigation Company, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Matson, Inc. (NYSE: MATX), for the design and construction of two Kanaloa Class liquefied natural gas (LNG)-capable containerships with roll-on, roll-off capability.

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HMCG-RS47605 CS069115 - Coastguard Support - 44

A team of specialist BAE Systems communications engineers has won a two-year contract extension worth £2 million to support the Maritime and Coastguard Agency’s (MCA) radio communications infrastructure. The contract extends the existing 25-year partnership into 2018.

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Bridging the Bosphorus

Third Bosphorus Bridge progress node full image 2

Title Third Bosphorus Bridge progress
Released 26/08/2016 10:06 am
Copyright Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2015–16), processed by ESA

These 17 images from the Sentinel-2A satellite show a year of progress on the Third Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey.

Also known as the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the hybrid cable-stayed suspension bridge forms part of the ongoing 150 km-long Northern Marmara Highway project. With eight lanes of motorway and two rail lines, its 322 m A-shaped towers stand taller than the Eiffel Tower.

The Third Bosphorus Bridge opened on 26 August 2016.
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Boeing Delivers Advanced Satellite Communications Network to Mexico

Mexsat Med-Res-1

An artist rendering of one of the Mexsat satellites built by Boeing, part of the overall Mexsat system Boeing designed, integrated and delivered to the government of Mexico. (Boeing image)

Communications system enables voice and data services to all regions of the country

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Aug. 25, 2016 – Boeing [NYSE:BA] has delivered one of the world’s most advanced satellite communications systems to Mexico, one that opens high-speed data and voice communications to the entire country including some previously unserved areas.

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FLEX takes on mutants

Mutant strip node full image 2

Title Mutant strip
Released 25/08/2016 4:11 pm
Copyright FZ-Juelich

Mutant soybeans planted as part of a campaign to support the development of ESA’s FLEX mission can be seen clearly as the bright blue strip in the centre of the image. The image was captured by the airborne HyPlant, which comprises two ‘imaging spectrometers’ – essentially cameras that see the reflected and the emitted light from the surface at different wavelengths. The mutant soybean plants only have 20% of the chlorophyll of ‘normal’ green plants. Such chlorophyll deficiency changes the properties of the leaves, which are a yellowy colour. As such, these mutant soybean leaves reflect much more sunlight than their green cousins, leaving the plant with less energy to photosynthesise. Although they have less energy, these mutants are surprisingly more efficient at fixing carbon dioxide from the air. Traditional satellite techniques rely on measuring aspects of reflected light to estimate plant productivity and cannot account for unusual coloured plants. ESA’s FLEX mission, however, will use a novel technique to map plant health. It will detect and measure the faint glow that plants give off as they photosynthesise, so non-green plants will be measured like normal green plants.
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25 August 2016

Because a plant isn’t green doesn’t mean it can’t photosynthesise as well as its more usual counterpart, but when measured by satellites, these non-green varieties skew results on plant health. FLEX is different. Experiments using ‘mutants’ show that colour won’t be an obstacle in this new mission’s task of mapping plant health from space.

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RCAF participates in search and rescue exercise in Alaska

MHM9157 - Version 3

RCAF helo crew received an international bravery award for long distance flight to Arctic in rescue of Inuit walrus hunters in same rescue parachute SAR Specialists award IMO exceptional bravery award, one posthumously


SAR Specialist jumping to the rescue from CCH-130

August 25, 2016 — Ottawa — National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces

Personnel from Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) squadrons are participating in ARCTIC CHINOOK, a significant search and rescue (SAR) exercise taking place in the vicinity of Nome, Alaska, from August 22 to 25, 2016.

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