McDonnell Wipes Mao From Official Video of Speech

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Trying to rewrite history

McDonnell Wipes Mao From Official Video of Speech
by WikiGuido

Just when you thought today couldn’t get any worse for John McDonnell, he decided to tweet out a video of his response to the Autumn Statement. Yet mysteriously, when he starts his section on China, the film oddly fades to black and then skips forward a couple of minutes.

McDonnell’s team wiped his Little Red Book section from their official record. Forget Mao, that’s more Stalinist…

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McDonnell Forced to Condemn Millions of Deaths Under Mao


Mao’s murders are no laughing matter – unless uyou are Loonie Tune McDonnell

McDonnell Forced to Condemn Millions of Deaths Under Mao
by WikiGuido

McDonnell to @BenBrownBBC on millions of deaths under Mao: Of course I condemn all that

— Ross Hawkins (@rosschawkins) November 25, 2015

You know your response to the Autumn Statement hasn’t gone to plan when you’re being forced to condemn the millions of deaths under Mao live on BBC News…

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Labour MP Warns of “World War Between Christians and Muslims”


Labour MP Warns of “World War Between Christians and Muslims”
by WikiGuido

Congratulations to loony lefty Labour MP Paul Flynn for submitting the least helpful intervention in the Syria debate. Flynn reckons attacking ISIS will “escalate a regional war into a world war between Christians and Muslims”.

Guido awards him the Order of the OTT…

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PMQs Sketch: Chamberlain Would Have Felt Like a War-Monger

Neville Chamberlain

PMQs Sketch: Chamberlain Would Have Felt Like a War-Monger
by WikiGuido

Let the history books show that on the brink of World War III, with a Russian jet shot down by NATO, terror threats against national leaders, the EU capital in lockdown, an apocalypse promised on the plain of Dabiq by 30,000 death-loving jihadis – the Leader of the Opposition questioned the Prime minister on subsidies to solar panels.

Chamberlain would have felt like a war-monger.

You can see his three levels of thinking. He’s too grown-up to join in marching to the drum beat of war. He’s avoiding yet another issue his shadow cabinet hasn’t decided on. And most deeply, he’s showing us, possibly unintentionally, that PMQs is no place for discussion of great affairs.

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AeroVironment Receives $13 Million RQ-20A Puma AE Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Order for United States Marine Corps

Marines Puma Launch sm

· Puma AE provides long range capability for U.S. Marines’ family of small unmanned aircraft systems requirement

· Puma AE proven effective for tactical reconnaissance in ground and maritime operations

SIMI VALLEY, Calif., Nov. 25, 2015 – AeroVironment, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVAV) announced it received a firm fixed-price order valued at $13,015,396 for RQ-20A Puma™ AE small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and initial spares packages for the United States Marine Corps on October 27, 2015.

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Beijing, 26 November 2015 – Wizz Air, the largest low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe, announced today it signed its first lease agreement with CCB Financial Leasing for 11 Airbus A321ceo1 aircraft, Wizz Air’s largest lease agreement yet. The aircraft are scheduled to be delivered to Wizz Air in 2016-2017.

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Books for Santa’s Sack, Part 2

Scottish and Manx Lighthouses by Ian Cowe

12lighthousesTo the sailor the lighthouse is not a thing of fear, a sudden looming that tells of his ship’s imminent shipwreck against a rock-bound coast. Instead it’s a thing of comfort, of blessed certainty – for he knows at once just where he is! This reviewer for one knows the warm rush on the darkened bridge in filthy weather when a light is identified, a snap bearing, and then a casual ‘steady as she goes’ down the voicepipe to the helm.

This collection of stunning photographs captures the drama and beauty of these iconic structures. The author takes the reader on a journey by land, sea and air along the rugged coastline of Scotland and the Isle of Man. He also pays tribute to the achievements of the immortal Stevensons who battled against the elements for over 150 years to bring them to existence and then the intrepid keepers who so faithfully manned these sentinels of the sea for months at a time and in the worst of weathers.

A wonderful book for all lighthouse enthusiasts – and in fact any reader with an appreciation of our rich maritime heritage.

Death Before Glory by Martin R Howard

12deathWhen I was researching Seaflower and Carribee I devoted some time to delving into the experiences of the British soldier in the West Indies during the French revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. Howard’s book would have been a priceless adjunct to my research then! Rich in sugar, cotton, coffee and slaves, the region was a key to British prosperity but it was perhaps even more important to her greatest enemy – France. Howard details the British campaigns during this period and also sheds light on the soldiers’ experiences – the climate and living conditions, the rations and diet, military discipline and training, the treatment of the wounded and the impact of disease.

Death Before Glory! is a highly readable study of the British army’s campaigns in the West Indies from 1793-1815.

Sailor in the White House by Robert F Cross

12sailorNow in paperback, one of the most interesting and intimate books about Franklin D. Roosevelt. Secret Service agents, family, and old sailing pals share stories about their days on the water with America’s greatest seafaring president.

This perspective on Roosevelt shows how his love of the sea shaped his presidency.

Servants’ Stories by Michelle Higgs

12servantsWith the popularity of the television series Downton Abbey we seem to have developed a renewed interest in life below stairs. Between 1800 and 1950 the role of servants changed dramatically. In this fascinating social history Michelle Higgs, through oral histories, diaries, newspaper reports and testimonies, lets domestic servants tell their stories, warts and all.

If any of your ancestors were in service this book will certainly shed light on just how they lived!

America Spreads her Sails Compiled and edited by Clayton R Barrow Jr.

12americaIn this new paperback edition fourteen writers and historians demonstrate how American men and goods in American-built ships moved out over Alfred Thayer Mahan’s ‘broad common’, the sea, to extend the country’s commerce, power, political influence, and culture. Capt. Thomas ap Catesby Jones, Lt. John ‘Mad Jack’ Percival, and Cdre. Matthew Calbraith Perry are among some of the colourful names many will recognize. They are all gone now but these strong men and their stout ships carried their country’s colours around the world.

A compelling account of US seapower in the nineteenth century.

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