SS-520 No. 4 Launch Results

At 8:33 a.m., (Japan Standard Time) January 15, 2017, SS-520 No. 4, JAXA's 
sounding rocket launched from the Uchinoura Space Center. Through SS-520 No.4
launch, JAXA sought for research and development of launch vehicles and 
satellites and the launch demonstration of TRICOM-1, its onboard nanosat that 
weighs about 3 kilograms. The launch was part of Japanese government's program 
for development of launch vehicles and satellites in public-private 

The first stage flight of SS-520 No. 4 proceeded according to schedule. 
Thereafter, however, ground teams could not receive telemetry from the launch 
vehicle and the call was made to abort the second stage ignition.
JAXA tracked the launch vehicle and confirmed that it fell into the south 
eastern ocean off the Uchinoura Space Center, within the projected drop area. 


National Research and Development Agency Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency